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    Paramount (1 hr. 36 min.)
      A lost jungle city is guarded by bad tempered gorillas with rather displeasing dispositions.
     Ernie Hudson, Tim Curry, Dylan Walsh, Laura Linney
Bottom Line:


     An off-beat, sometimes funny and often lame jungle adventure about a scientist (Dylan Walsh) returning a homesick gorilla, Amy, back to the Congo. Wearing a glove with sensors that translates hand movements into speech through a computer, Amy literally tells Walsh she wants to go home. The problem is money.
     Walsh manages to find a benefactor, a European philanthropist played over the top by shady Tim Curry, however, treachery is afoot everywhere. ("Or there wouldn't be a movie, right?")
     Communication expert (Laura Linney), and jungle guide (Ernie Hudson) join the expedition that somehow turns into a search for a huge diamond hoard in the lost city of Zinj.
     Congo has more than its fill of tedious one-liners, but fear not, the special-effects are almost enough to take the edge off the pictures short comings.
     Ernie Hudson does a great job balancing humor and wit as a cut-from-the-cloth Indiana Jones type. Hudson, like Samuel L. Jackson, is starting to pop up in just about every movie these days and like Denzel Washington and Wesley Snipes he's breaking the stereotype mold of Hollywood black actors.



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