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     A young lawyer struggles to make partner while keeping the partner he has at home.
     Miko DeFoor, Dawn Michele, Shaun Mixon, Kanya Maree, Tyler Craig, Kaira Akita
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Barry Lewis

Winner of the San Diego Black Film Festival, “Coming Correct” is the story of Randall (Miko DeFoor), a young black lawyer who is trying to make partner at his law firm while struggling to restore the relationship between his wife (Dawn Michele) who is pregnant with their first child. While struggling to maintain his relationship with his wife, Randall must deal with a demanding boss and his niece (Kanya Maree) who has eyes for Randall.

During all this chaos, Randall finds himself falling deeper into the hole when his home starts to slowly fall apart, and he finds himself loosing it due to stress. Randall’s friends Benzo (Tyler Craig) and Mark (Shawn Mixon) give him mediocre advice in his time of trouble.  Throughout the film Randall seems to be having the worst luck by finding himself in the worst, most unpredictable situations. By the end of the movie all hope seems lost for Randall until luck finds him and he able to get his life back together.

“Coming Correct” is a decent movie although not all cast members can act. Randall’s wife, for example, comes off as a normal middle age wife, but as the film goes on, she looses this persona and becomes this child like character.  Also in the beginning of the film, Randall’s wife comes off a mature woman, not one to be ghetto or hang around women that acted ghetto, but as the movie continues this changes. Randall’s wife and her friends interact like loud high school girls.

This takes away from the storyline because it  switches the flow of the characters. The film is a comedy, but some comedy in the film was overdone not making the joke funny anymore. For instance, there is a scene when Randall is playing cards with his friends when his friends start talking about having sex with a girl. His friends then stand up from their seats in front of each other and perform how they would have sex with the girl, making the noises and all. Although it was supposed to be funny, the joke went too far and it lost its comedic affect. There are other jokes in the film that go too far or not enough lose the effect of the joke.

The cinematography in the film was good for and indie film. The quality of the film was excellent, and the different angles flowed great which created good eye candy for viewers. The film is believable which makes this an easy going film that is easy to watch.

The storyline is good. The situations, actions and reactions in the film were believable although there were parts that were too much.

“Coming Correct” is a light-hearted film that all audiences can watch and enjoy with no problem. 



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