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     Warner Bros. Pictures
     A hilarious update of the classic romantic Cinderella fairy tale with a few twists and turns.
     Hilary Duff, Regina King, Jennifer Coolidge, Chad Michael Murray
Bottom Line:

Samantha Ofole-Prince

A brilliant modern interpretation of a fairy tale classic, Hilary Duff is high school senior Sam Montgomery who lives at the beck and call of her self-obsessed evil step-mother and step-sisters. With her sights set on attending Princeton University, Sam juggles working a part time shift at her late father’s diner in the San Fernando Valley with school work and running errands for the wicked Fiona. When she meets her prince charming online, she finds her less-than-sparkling social life wonderfully complicated when she arranges to meet him at the high school masquerade ball. Her anonymous cyber soul mate soon turns out to be the school's popular quarterback Austin Ames (Chad Michael Murray) and Sam makes a mad dash back to the diner leaving her cell phone behind just before the clock strikes midnight.

A truly entertaining flick, A Cinderella Story is the tale of a servant girl who gets a magic-wand makeover, wins the prince's heart and lives happily ever after. It has a collection of wonderfully entertaining characters such as Coolidge who as Sam’s stepmother is obsessed with botox injections and her daughters Brianna and Gabriella who are also fixated with supermodel perfection. Dan Byrd plays Carter, Sam’s ‘dorky’ but witty best friend desperately trying to land a date with a popular cheerleader and Regina King is her supportive no nonsense buddy (a la Godmother) who also works at the diner and presents her with a beautiful gown for the ball. It’s a great replica of a classic with a few updated twists. Prince Charming (Murray) is also battling his personal issues. He is stuck in a relationship with the popular Shelby (Julie Gonzalo), a rather ditzy but pretty girl and is against his father plans to take over the car business. Instead he too wants to attend Princeton but is too scared to tell his father. "Our spin is that her secret love is a cool guy, the captain of the football team, who doesn't want to be a cool guy," says director Mark Rosman.

A raucous cute family flick with plenty of gags and laughs, this is one fairy-tale story which truly rules and will end up ‘happily ever after’ at the box office.



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