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     Fox Searchlight (1 hr. 49 min.)
     Romantic comedy about childhood friends.
     Taye Diggs, Sanaa Lathan, Mos Def, Queen Latifah, Nicole Ari Parker
Bottom Line:


"Brown Sugar" is hip-hop’s answer to "When Harry Met Sally." Two thirty-something friends find their way to true love through a maze of bad relationships and career choices.

Using the world of hip-hop for backdrop music, Sanaa Lathan plays Sidney, a magazine publisher who’s too busy for love; and Taye Diggs plays Dre, a music producer and Sidney’s childhood friend because of their mutual love of hip-hop.

Dre and Sidney never considered each other romantically until Dre decides to get married. Upon hearing the news of Dre’s wedding, Sidney discovers she has deep romantic feelings for her friend. And when she kisses Dre the night before his wedding, Dre realizes he has the same deep feelings for Sidney.

It’s no surprise how the story plays out. However, "Brown Sugar" is intelligent and clever enough that the audience doesn’t mind the inevitable ending. And with strong supporting performances from Mos Def and Queen Latifah, "Brown Sugar" is a charming, romantic hit.



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