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     Relativity/Europa (1hr. 30 min.)
     An undercover Detroit cop navigates a dangerous neighborhood with the help of an ex-con to bring down a crime lord.
     Paul Walker, David Belle, RZA, Gouchy Boy
Bottom Line:

J.R. Johnson

Summer is approaching and popcorn movies will soon hit theaters in full force. As usual, a few of them trickle out earlier than most and “Brick Mansions” is leading the charge.

In one of Paul Walker’s last performances, Walker plays Damien an undercover cop in a future that has forced Detroit worst neighborhood into its own territory. Damien is recruited to infiltrate the territory known as Brick Mansion, to stop a dangerous scheme that would end with the devastation of the entire city. But only with the help of an ex-con can Damien hope to complete his task.

“Brick Mansions” isn’t the type of film that offers the most brainy of plots, that’s also not what it set out to do. But there are some parameters that need to be met in order for the narrative to actually consider itself a story.  Brick Mansions doesn’t even attempt to meet any of those boundaries. It’s more focused on visuals more than anything else.

Post-production seemed to be a part of the film that lacked any enthusiasm as well. The editing, especially in regards to the audio, are not done well at all. Voiceovers with mismatched lip movements and incoherent scene cuts run rampart throughout the film. It feels like a rough draft.

Walker and his co-star David Belle are fun to watch, but there isn’t much room for the possible chemistry they could’ve had, instead we are given something that feels forced and unbelievable.

The stunts seem to be the main priority of the film. A couple backflips here and there, and maybe some wall-running thrown in to some hand-to-hand brawls make for nice eye-candy, but that can only distract for so long. The only faith left lies within the characters, and there’s none.

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