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      A jewel thief hides a stolen diamond in a construction site of a new police station.
      Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, David Chappelle, William Forsythe.
Bottom Line:


     OK, you can say that Blue Streak is another in a long series of Hollywood cop-buddy movies. However, Martin Lawrence's comic performance puts Blue Streak over-the-top of your standard run-of-the-mill cop/buddy fair and raises the film to the standards set by the original Beverly Hills Cop and Lethal Weapon.
     Martin Lawrence stars as jewel thief who masterminds a high-tech jewel heist that of course goes wrong. Cornered by the cops, Lawrence hides a $17 million diamond inside an air duct of a building which is under construction.
     The police arrest Lawrence, and he end's up serving two years in prison. After his release, Lawrence returns to the construction site to recover the diamond and discovers the site is now a new constructed police station. Lawrence comes up with a plan to infiltrate the police department by impersonating a police detective.
     The only problem is, Lawrence's law enforcement rouse is so convincing, he gets assigned a street partner and a case. The filmmakers take the premise of a thief impersonating a cop, and pushes it to the edge with Lawrence's unorthodox police methods of questioning and arresting crooks in his gang. Funny stuff.



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