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     Fox (1 hr. 35 min.)
     A medieval theme park employee travels back to the Middle Ages.
     Martin Lawrence, Tom Wilkinson, Kevin Conway, Jeannette Weegar, Marsha Thomason
Bottom Line:


Remember when mischievous "Bad Boy" Martin Lawrence was funny? I mean, remember "Big Mama’s House" and "Blue Streak." Weren’t those funny flicks? Well, you’ll have to rely on those dusty memories because "buffoonery" and "painfully unfunny" are probably the best adjectives to describe Martin’s latest comedic attempt, "Black Knight."

Martin plays Jamal Walker, a fast-talking con man with big plans for the future, but in the mean time he’s stuck in a menial medieval theme park job. Walker slips into the park's "moat," trying to retrieve a shiny medallion and emerges in 14th century England with knights in shining armor, a wicked king and damsels in distress.

The film’s premise is a take-off on Mark Twain’s classic fish-out-of-water tale, "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court," where a modern man travels back to the days of yore and dazzles the 14th century residents. The premise of the film had the potential to be funny, but in the end, filmmakers gave us bad puns and a series of telegraphed, culture clash clichés. The highlight of the film comes when Walker has King Arthur’s court boogying to Sly & the Family Stone's ''Dance to the Music."

Pre-packaged and littered with bathroom humor and sight gags, "Black Knight" falls short of Martin’s usual comic prowess.



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