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    Touchstone (2 hrs. 40 min.)
     An ex-slave tries to forget about her past, however, she's haunted by the cost of her and her children's freedom.
     Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover, Thandie Newton, Kimberly Elise
Bottom Line:


     Wait a minute. Oprah Winfrey reading the works of Pultizer Prize-winner Toni Morrison? Isn't that like Daivd Letterman reading Shakespeare? One might so, until you remember Winfrey has an Oscar-nomination under her belt for The Color Purple.
     In her second big-screen outing, Winfrey is quite convincing as Sethe, a runaway slave and single mother who is haunted by slavery and the supernatural. If you do the math, you would think that Beloved is a can't miss blockbuster. You have two terrific leading actors Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover, Oscar-winning director, Jonathan Demme (Philadelphia) and a Toni Morrison novel. However, Beloved is a complex film that's not easily digestible. Most movie goers are going to have to sit through the movie twice to catch the poignant storytelling. Beloved is anything but direct and linear. Morrison says she had to sit through three viewings of the picture to appreciate its texture.
     Beloved is a dark, paranormal and fragmented film that revolves around Winfrey's experiences and escape from the horrors of a slave plantation called Sweet Home, and the lengths that she's willing to go through to keep her family out of slavery. Beloved has disturbing and realistic scenes, it's also a recognition of how black women have always held their families together.



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