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The Air Up There



     An American college basketball coach travels to Africa in the hopes to recruit a seven-foot Winabi warrior to aid his losing team.

     Kevin Bacon, Charles Gitonga Maina, Winston Ntshona


Bottom Line:


     In the hopes of finding the next Dikembe Mutombo, and to secure his college's head coaching spot, assistant basketball coach, Jimmy Dolan (Kevin Bacon), against orders mind you, travels to Africa to find a much needed super star. Dolan discovers Saleh (Charles Gitonga Maina) a seven-foot Winabi warrior who is dazzling and flashy on his tribe's sand-lot court. The only problem is Saleh is picked to be the next leader of his tribe, and he isn't interested in American basketball stardom.
     The Air Up There is a predicable sports film (you have to know how this one ends, come on.), however, I bought it. That's right, take the hook out of my mouth. The flick is entertaining, cute, and thankfully director Paul M. Glaser and basketball technical advisor, NBA legend Bob McAdoo directed the action, so no one got hurt.