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     Universal Studios (1hr. 36 min.)
     Kevin Hart gives a historic stand-up performance at Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field.
     Kevin Hart, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Ed Helms, David Meunier, Richardson Jones
Bottom Line:

Khaleel Herbert

After his wild antics in “Let Me Explain,” “Seriously Funny,” “Laugh At My Pain” and “I’m A Little Grown Man,” Kevin Hart turns up the funny in his latest stand-up, “What Now?”

“What Now?” begins when Kevin Hart and Halle Berry (who plays herself) go over their plans to get money from Russian Villain, Victor (David Meunier) in a Bond-themed skit. Kevin has only three hours to retrieve the money and get to Lincoln Financial Field.

Hart plays a friendly game of poker with Victor, his goons and Don Cheadle (himself). The game goes awry when Hart can’t understand the French dealer’s (Richardson Jones) accent. He irritates Cheadle by teasing him about his various film roles, including “Iron Man,” and taking too long to play his hand. The skit also parodies a scene from Denzel Washington’s “The Equalizer.”

Berry and Hart escape and arrive at the Lincoln Financial Field. He stands on a shaft that propels him onto the stage. Hart’s routines range from moving out of Hollywood to ordering a coffee at Starbucks.

One enjoyable routine was his trip to a sex store. He said he was disgusted by it, but bought everything. He joked that he leaves the store with a midnight-black bag and walks normally to his car. He sees some people and says, “Hey guys, how’s it going?” trying to hide the bag. They see it and say, “You little freak! Go on with your freaky self!”  

Another memorable routine was Hart saying he got his dad an iPhone 6. Before they leave to get pizza, his dad holds the phone to his ear and says, “Cyrus! Tell me where the nearest pizza spot is!” Hart mimics his dad shaking the phone and yelling for Cyrus to talk. Hart says, “It’s Siri, Dad! He thinks there’s a man in the phone!”

“What Now?” is the funniest stand-up Kevin Hart has done so far. His routines follow funny faces, gestures and attitude that leave the audience laughing to the point of tears. Hart even has a jumbo Tron behind him that gives a few visuals to follow his jokes. The only thing Hart was missing was his famous lines: “Alright, alright, alriiiiight!” and “You gon’ learn today!”

If you’re not prepared to laugh and have a great time, don’t see “What Now?”

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