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75th Academy Award for "Original Song"

By Stephan K. Eisenbarth

     Universal (1 hr. 51 min.)
     A young man struggles to find the strength and courage among Detroit's
hip-hop scene.
     Eminem, Kim Basinger, Mekhi Phifer, Brittany Murphy, Eugene Byrd
Bottom Line:


While "8 Mile" features some big name stars (Mekhi Phifer and Oscar-winner Kim Basinger), the story falls a little short. "8 Mile" is the classic story of good versus evil movie, or at least the lesser of two evils versus the worse.

The story's premise takes place in Detroit's tough stretch of road called the 8 Mile Drive, a major segregation point of between the city's white and black communities - a theme which is carried throughout the movie.

Rabbit (Eminem) a pale and depressed youth trying to escape his mother's trailer home and hateful boyfriend, dreams of leaving his punch press operator job and becoming a successful white rapper in a black world.

Even though Rabbit has many black friends, he's constantly the point of racial attacks by rival black rappers. Even though the filmmakers show a good deal of brotherhood among both races, poor acting fails to bring forth the real strength of this issue. And Basinger's weak performance as Rabbit's drunkard mother does little to move the story along.

The incredible backdrops and gritty scenes give the audience a strong sense of the tough life living along the 8 Mile which is suppose to echo Eminem's autobiographical truths.

The deprived living conditions with abandoned houses strewn everywhere is depressing. The violence and language punctuates the area's economic struggle. The audience is brought along a tough roller coaster ride as Rabbit turns into a man - amazingly in about an hour and a half.

The most enjoyable aspect of "8 Mile" is the music and the amazing freestyle rap battles which erupt through the picture. Many of the tracks highlighted are from Wu Tang Clan, Redman, Method Man, Ray Qwon and Jazza. However, most of the music is originally scored by Eminem. Great music and incredible freestyle.

Eminem’s emotionally raw big-screen debut featuring the Oscar-winning Best Original Song is available on DVD for $15.99 with exclusive never-before-seen footage in both censored and uncensored versions.


The "8 Mile" DVD includes:
* Four spontaneous "Rap Battles" shot between Eminem and film extras shot during the making of the film.
* The music video for "Superman," from "The Eminem Show" CD.
* Exclusive never-before-seen footage.
* Behind the scenes with Eminem: "The Making of 8 Mile."
* The Music of 8 Mile.
* Available in Widescreen or Pan and Scan.



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