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Poll Results

Results from May poll:

Who was the first Black film star to win the Best Actor/Actress Oscar?

Hattie McDaniel 42%
Louis Gosset, Jr. 6%
Dorothy Dandridge 7%
Denzel Washington 9%
Sidney Poitier 35%


Results from April poll:

Which 1960s black political figure talked Nichelle Nichols (Lt. Uhura) out of quiting the popular Sci-Fi television series Star Trek?

Malcom X 12%
Adam Clayton Powell 12%
Julian Bond 19%
Martin Luther King, Jr. 42%
Rosa Parks 16%


Results from March poll:

Which film is the line: "You Never Mess With A Black Man's Radio!" from??

Light It Up 2%
Rush Hour 91%
Next Friday 1%
The Best Man 1%
The Wood 1%
The Negotiator 0%
Blue Streak 2%
Lethal Weapon 4 1%


Results from Febuary poll:

What Is Your Favorite Forest Whitaker Film?

Bird 17%
The Crying Game 31%
Platoon 0%
Good Morning, Vietnam 4%
Waiting To Exhale (Director) 23%
A Rage In Harlem 12%
Strapped 8%
Other Suggestions 6%


Results from January poll:

Who was the best black theme movie of 1999?

The Best Man 64%
Blue Streak 2%
The Wood 9%
Light It Up 0%
Summer of Sam 3%
Down In The Delta 13%
In Too Deep 1%
Other Suggestions 7%


1999 Results

Results from December poll:

Who was the best black actress of the '90's?

Angela Bassett 51%
Halle Berry 8%
Whitney Houston 3%
Jada Pinkett 5%
Cicely Tyson 9%
Vanessa L. Williams 5%
Oprah Winfrey 4%
Alfre Woodard 14%



Results from November poll:

Who was the best black actor of the '90's?

Laurence Fishburne 18%
Morgan Freeman 17%
Danny Glover 3%
Samuel L. Jackson 27%
Eddie Murphy 1%
Will Smith 4%
Wesley Snipes 1%
Denzel Washington 29%



Results from October poll:

Fresh Prince, Will Smith, has been signed
to play the Greatest -- Muhammad Ali.
Smart casting or another dumb Hollywood idea?

Smart! Smith will make a great Ali!

Dumb! Smith is definitely not Ali material!




Results from September poll:

Who should play Shaft in the 1999 movie?

Richard Roundtree - The original Shaft

Samuel L. Jackson - The new hero?



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