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"Streak 2"

   According to the Hollywood Reporter, screenwriter Steven Carpenter (Blue Streak) has been signed to develop and write "Streak 2."
   In addition to the starring role, Martin Lawrence is expected to have a producing credit on the sequel along with Toby Jaffe.
   "Streak 2" is expected to start principal photography next spring.
   Lawrence is also expected to star in an upcoming sequel to "Bad Boys" for Columbia Pictures.


(Here's an overview of what the Hollywood grapevine says we can expect to hear more about in the near future.)

ALI, drama (Columbia Pictures). Cast includes Will Smith. Written by Stephen J. Rivele and Chris Wilkinson, directed by Michael Mann. IN DEVELOPMENT.

BABY OF THE FAMILY, comedy-drama (Downsouth Filmworks). Cast includes Sheryl Lee Ralph, Loretta Devine, Alfre Woodard, Vanessa Williams, William Diehl, Tonea Stewart, Alemo Omilami, Elisabeth Omilami, Afrika P. Ansa, Ron Leggett and Tawanna Brown. Written by Jonee Ansa and Tina McElroy Ansa. Directed by Jonee Ansa. Shooting in Virginia and Georgia. IN PREPRODUCTION.

BLADE: BLOODHUNT, action/ thriller (New Line Cinema). Cast includes Wesley Snipes. Written by David Goyer and directed by Guillermo del Toro. IN DEVELOPMENT.

BLUE STREAK 2, comedy (Sony Pictures). Cast includes Martin Lawrence. IN DEVELOPMENT.

BOMB IN THE SUBURBS, drama (Innersoul Cinema). Screenwriters: Samuel L. McQueen, Maxie C. Jackson III. Shoots in Detroit. IN DEVELOPMENT.

BONES, drama (New Line Cinema). Cast includes Snoop Dogg, Pam Grier, Michael T. Weiss, Clifton Powell, Ricky Harris, Bianca Lawson, Khalil Kain, Merwin Mondesir, Sea Amsing, Ronald Selmour. Directed by Ernest Dickerson (Juice). Script by Tim Metcalfe and Adam Simon. Shooting in Vancouver. IN PRODUCTION.

COOL, (Extreme Films). Cast includes Ernest L. Thomas, Lorreta Devine and Jean Claud LaMarre. Written and directed by Imani Shakur.IN PREPRODUCTION.

COOL LIKE THAT, romantic/comedy (La’Cole Bae Filmworks). Written and directed by D’Jarell. Will shoot in Milwaukee. IN DEVELOPMENT.

DISAPPEARING ACTS, drama (HBO). Based on the Terry McMillan novel. Produced by Wesley Snipes. IN DEVELOPMENT.

DOUBLE-O-SOUL, action/comedy (Univeral). Cast includes Chris Tucker, Mariah Carey. Director: Tom Dey. Screenwriter: Antwone Fisher. Shooting in Vancouver, BC and Hawaii. IN PRODUCTION.

DOUBLE TAKE, action/comedy (Rat Entertainment). Cast includes Eddie Griffin and Orlando Jones. Written and directed by George Gallo Shooting in Los Angeles. IN PRODUCTION.

FATAL ATTRACTION, thriller (Universal). Written by Trey Calaway. IN DEVELOPMENT.

FINDING FISH, drama (Fox Searchlight). Written by Antwone Quenton Fisher. Directed by Denzel Washington. IN DEVELOPMENT.

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Production Notes (cont.)

FLOSSIN, drama. Cast includes Merlyn Santana, Todd Bridges, DeAndre Bonds, B-Luv, Goley Basulto, Ernest Johnson, Monique DeVille. Written by Ernest Johnson. Directed by Matthew Claybrook. Will shoot in Long Beach and Los Angeles. IN DEVELOPMENT.

, hip college comedy (Warning Films). Cast includes Pras and Tracy Morgan ("Saturday Night Live"). Directed by Jerry Lamothe from a screenplay by Jean Claude Lamarre. IN DEVELOPMENT.

HOOCH AND DADDY-O: TOGETHER AGAIN (FOR THE FIRST TIME), action/comedy (Raynmayk’r Productions). Cast includes Randall Middleton, Jim Ousley, Reese Walker, Donna Northcott and Rory Flynn. Director: Bobby Kirk, Screenwriter: Robert Atchisson. Shoots in St. Louis. IN DEVELOPMENT.

I WAS MADE TO LOVE HER (Paramount). Cast includes Chris Rock and Regina King. Written by Chris Rock. Directed by Chris Weitz. Shooting in New York and Toronto. IN PRODUCTION.

KAMILA, romantic/drama (Saguaro Entertainment). Stars Stacey Dash. Scott Aguilar writes and directs. Will shoot in New York and Morocco. IN DEVELOPMENT.

KINGDOM COME, comedy (Fox Searchlight Pictures). Cast includes Whoopi Goldberg, LL Cool J, Jada Pinkett Smith and Vivica A. Fox. Written by David Botrell and Jessie Jones. Directed by Doug McHenry. Shooting in Los Angeles. IN PRODUCTION.

KING SUCKERMAN, drama (Dimension Films). Cast includes Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs. IN DEVELOPMENT.

KRAZY LOVE, drama (MOE Entertainment). Cast includes Clifton Powell, Cory Hardrict, and Sonya D. Screenwriter: Mark Fourte. Shoots in Los Angeles and Chicago. IN DEVELOPMENT.

LADIES NIGHT, (Artisan Entertainment) Written by Maisha Yearwood. Directed by former Vibe writer, Nicole Jefferson. IN DEVELOPMENT.

LA GANG GODFATHER, drama. Based on the life story of LA dug kingpin "Freeway" Ricky Ross. Directed by Rod Scott.

MR. ROOSEVELT’S TRAIN, drama (Whitefire Productions). Cast includes Betty Buckley, Joanna Miles, Marla Gibbs, Roy Clark, Richard Gilliland, Rudee Lipscomb, Kathryn J. Harris, Todd Bridges. Director: Scott H. Reiniger. Screenwriter: Albert J. Harris. Shoots in Georgia. IN DEVELOPMENT.

NEXT BLACK SPRING BREAK, comedy (South Boy Films). Cast includes Keisha Lewis, Rod Z., Divine Brown, South Boy, Sherron Wilkins and Kenny Flyy. Directed by Marion Parry. Shooting in Florida and Atlanta. IN PRODUCTION.

PAY THE PRICE II, comedy/drama (DDL Entertainment, Inc.). Cast includes J. Anthony Brown, Jemmerio, Shawty Shawty, and Creenshaw. Based on a true story of Black college life in 1980 tackling alcohol, racism and sexism. Written and directed by Darryl D. Lassiter. Shooting in Atlanta. IN PRODUCTION.

PLAYIN’ SAM, action-comedy (Allenhouse Entertainment). Casting includes Coolio, Georgio, Regina King, Hip Tei Lei, Akai Aleang and Kelly Jo Minter. Directed by Georgio. Shooting in Los Angeles. IN PREPARATION.

PLUTO NASH, action/comedy (Castle Rock Entertainment). Cast includes Eddie Murphy and Rosario Dawson. Written by Neil Cuthbert. Directed by Ron Underwood. IN DEVELOPMENT.

PRISON SONG, musical drama (New Line Cinema). Directed by Darnell Martin. IN DEVELOPMENT.

REVEREND PIMP DADDY, drama (Columbia Pictures). Cast includes Orlando Jones. Written by Tom Lennon and Ben Garant. IN DEVELOPMENT.

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Production Notes (cont.)

RUSH HOUR 2, action/comedy (New Line Cinema). Cast includes Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan and Chris Penn. Written by Jeffrey Nathanson. Directed by Brett Ratner. IN DEVELOPMENT.

, comedy (LLC/Full Circle Productions). Producers: Everett Cowings, Demetrius
Spencer, Corey C. Witte, Director: Bill Parker, Screenwriter: Lamar Sally.
Spencer/Cowings Entertainment LLC/Full Circle Productions. IN DEVELOPMENT.

SIX, action (Franchise Pictures). Cast includes Michael Jai White. Written by John Sasano. Directed by Kirk Wong. Shooting in Montreal and New York. IN DEVELOPMENT.

SOCIETY SECRETS, drama (3 Pyramids Entertainments). Director: C.K. Heckstall. Screenwriter: Maya Fillingame. Shoots in Atlanta, Georgia. IN DEVELOPMENT.

SOLOMON’S SONG, drama (City Life Cinema). Cast includes Malcom Spears, Tyla Abercrumbie, JDL, Daanaa Kenyataa, Sandra Benton, Johnell Easter, David Jefferson Jr., Tracy Johnson. Written and directed by JDL. Shooting in Georgia. IN PRODUCTION.

SUCKAFALOVE, comedy (Make-Shift Entertainment). Directed by Zolton Sharif Chancy. Shooting in Los Angeles. IN PREPARATION.

THE BOB MARLEY STORY, drama (Warner Bros. Pictures). IN DEVELOPMENT.

THE CAVEMAN’S VALENTINE, drama (Homeless Film Prods.). Cast includes Samuel L. Jackson, Aunjanue Lawan Ellis, Colm Feore, Damir Andrei, Tamara Tunie, Peter MacNeil, Jay Rodan, Rodney Eastman and Anthony Michael Hall. Written by George Dawes Green. Directed by Kasi Lemmons. Shooting in New York and Toronto. IN PRODUCTION.

THE COURT, drama (No Justize Pictures). Cast includes Charles Malik Whitfield, Sticky Fingaz, Sy Richardson, William L. Johnson, Ajai Saunders, Cory Hodges, Bawb Cochrane, Stanley Malveaux, Marci T. House, Arlen Alexander Escarpeta and Omar Thompson. Written by Bawb Cochrane. Directed by Greg Morgan. Shooting in Los Angeles. IN PRODUCTION.


THE FLOW, drama (New Line Cinema). Directed by John Singleton. IN DEVELOPMENT.

THE LAMB, dramatic love story (Edmonds Entertainment). Cast includes Diana Ross and Blair Underwood. IN DEVELOPMENT.

THE SONNY LISTON STORY, drama (Paramount Pictures). Cast includes Ving Rhames. IN DEVELOPMENT.

THE ULTIMATE SET-UP, (Flashworks Productions) Cast includes Margaret Avery, Bill Cobbs and Janet DuBois. Written by Lori Kaye Harkless and Illunga Adell. Directed by Dwight Williams. Shooting in Wilmington, NC. IN PRODUCTION.

TRIPLE CROSS, action/drama (Celebrity Prods.). Written by Alex W. Leath. Shooting in Los Angeles. IN PREPRODUCTION.

UN-RAPPED, drama (Evann Black Enterprises, Inc.). Written by Evann Black and Ricardo Scipio. Directed by Evann Black. Shooting in Miami and Florida Keys. IN DEVELOPMENT.

VALDESTA’S PLACE, comedy (Visage Productions). Cast includes Thea R. Vidale and Bill Cobbs. Written by Annette D. Colbert and Thea R. Vidale. IN DEVELOPMENT.

WHAT’S THE WORST THAT COULD HAPPEN?, comedy (MGM). Cast includes Martin Lawrence. Written by Matthew Chapman and Barry Fanaro. Directed by Sam Weisman. IN DEVELOPMENT.