"John Q"

   Denzel Washington will be joined by Eddie Griffin (most recently seen as Rob Schneider's pimp in "Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo,") and fellow Oscar winner Robert Duvall in New Line Cinema's upcoming release "John Q."
   Washington will play a father who takes a hospital emergency room hostage after his son is denied a heart transplant by a 'heartless' insurance company.
   Griffin portrays a patient who understands the heartbreak John Q is suffering and decides to join the anquished father in helping his son.
   Nick Cassavetes is scheduled to direct the drama from a script by James Kearns.

Ape Commander?

   Oscar-nominee Michael Clarke Duncan is said to be finalizing negotiations to play a role in Tim Burton's remake of "Planet Of The Apes."
   Mark Wahlberg has already agreed to take the lead role and British actor Tim Roth is also confirmed for the movie as are Paul Giamatti and Estella Warren.
   It looks like Duncan's part would be that of second-in-command to ape military commander Roth, who (naturally) sees humans as an inferior race.
   All of Tim Burton's projects seem to attract considerable attention in Hollywood and by all the hype and rumor surrounding the project already, this one looks to be no different.
   20th Century Fox says William Broyles Jr's script will be more of a "reimagination" of the original theme than a straight remake of the classic ape flick.

"Mr. Bojangles"

   The life and times biopic of legendary entertainer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson is cast and scheduled to air in 2001 on the Showtime cable network.
   The Showtime movie, coproduced with MGM Television Entertainment will star modern dance legend Gregory Hines, in the lead role.
"In this movie, you find out what was really going on with him, why he wasn't that happy - things most people don't know," Hines told USA Today.
   The movie will be based on the book "Mr. Bojangles - The Biography of Bill Robinson" by Jim Haskins and N.R. Mitgang.
   Other cast members include: Peter Reigert (Crossing Delancey), Kimberly Elise (Beloved), Aaron Meeks (Showtime's "Soul Food") and Tony award winner Savion Glover (Jelly's Last Jam).
   The film is being directed by Joseph Sargent from a script by Richard Wesley and Robert Johnson.

Call 911!

   In addition to his on stage gyrations and vocal success, Ginuwine is adding acting to his list of talents.
His latest movie project is titled "911" and co-stars Master P.
   According to Ginuwine, after the powers that be discovered he could act, they began rewriting the script to give him a larger role.
   Another film project for the singer is "Juwanna Man," directed by Jessie Don and costaring Vivica Fox, Miguel Nunez and Tommy Davidson.

Lisa Raye
busy, busy, busy!

   Actress LisaRaye starred in the BET/Arabesque film "Rhapsody," most recently co-starred in the indie film "Love The Way" due to be released at the end of 2000, is currently working on a film called "Sybil Brand," and now we find out that she will will also take the reins as BET's on-air host for their summer and fall movie line up.
   This is one busy, busy lady!

Joe Lewis:
a history
according to
Spike Lee

   Spike Lee is set to make a movie about boxing great Joe Louis. He will be working with screenwriter Budd Schulberg and sportswriter and boxing historian Bert Randolph Sugar to develop the film.
   The movie will begin with the 1936 fight between Max Schmeling and Joe Lewis, in which Louis suffered his first professional loss. Then the film will shift to the pair's famous 1938 championship rematch, an event which ignited a political firestorm just as the United States and Germany were getting ready for war.
   After the rematch, the movie will center on the followup events that shook the foundations of world civilization and Louis' life.
   Louis' triumph over the Schmeling was seen as the first symbol of victory against the so-called Master Race of Nazi Germany.
   The rights to Louis' life story were purchased from his son, Joe Louis Barrow Jr.
   Filming is being slated to start in August or September, 2001.