Ice Cube:
werewolf hunter?

  In the thriller "Stray Dawgz," rapper Ice Cube will play a prison parolee who, to his disbelief, discovers that he is descended from an ancient family of werewolf hunters.
  To his surprise, a new breed of 21st century werewolves have somehow emerged and worse, the pack have decided to prey upon his sister and her friends.
  San Francisco is to be the chosen city of these modern werewolves.

Toni Braxton
to make big screen debut

  According to reports, Toni Braxton will make her jump to the big screen as a supporting cast member in Whoopi Goldberg 's "Kingdom Come."
  Toni made her acting debut on Broadway in 1998 playing Belle in "Beauty and the Beast."   After auditioning three times for the role of Juanita in "Kingdom Come" before getting the nod, it looks like she's taking her acting career pretty seriously. She's hired the United Talent Agency folks to oversee her theatrical work.

a Titan?

  In roles that portray the African American male as dignified and complex, Denzel Washington has excelled as a professional that other actors try to emulate. But this man is one-of-a-kind.
   In his next film, "Remember The Titans," Washington portrays an Alexandria, VA high school football coach who inherits a multiracial football team with the expectation that he'll make them state champions.
  Denzel calls the film a dramedy.
  "When we look back on the events of the 60s and 70s they were powerful. But when you deal with the individual there's still everyday human contact. Sometimes that's funny, sometimes that's very serious. Coach Boone, the coach I play, says when he dies he wants them to play Sinatra's 'My Way,' because he's a very hardheaded, interesting individual. This character is very intense, but there's still a lot of fun that goes on."
  Look for Disney's "Remember The Titans" sometime this fall.

Will Smith
teams with Robin Williams in British Comedy Remake

   Mike Nichols is set to remake the classic 1949 British comedy "Kind Hearts and Coronets" with Robin Williams in the role originally performed by Alec Guinness. Williams will portray eight members of the same family who are all killed by Jack Price, the role Will Smith will enjoy.
  The original film was about a clever class climber who sees murder as the road to success, but Nichols is saying he intends to alter the central theme of the original film.
  "That was fundamentally about class struggle," Nichols said. "The new one will be about race. My movie will also end differently."

Martin Lawrence
Living in the
Middle Ages

  Riding the tsunami of success generated by his box-office hit comedy Big Momma's House, Martin Lawrence may land Fox studios lead in their upcoming production of "Black Knight."
  Lawrence would play a restaurant worker who magically finds himself a confused and reluctant hero in the Middle Ages.