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April 2001
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Clarke and Harris are the exclusive U.S. video distributors of this Award Winning film.
You've got to see this movie!

Editors Note:
We like to acknowledge the success of African Americans and those who support their efforts in the film business and Michael Clarke and Fred Harris are great examples.

Special Profile of Michael Clarke and Fred Harris

   In the world of independent films, Key East Entertainment and eDigiFilm Entertainment® have emerged among the strongest allies for independent filmmakers and producers, especially in the exploding Urban genre. Michael Clarke and Fred Harris, two experienced film and video executives, are the owners and operators of the companies. Clarke, former VP of Purchasing with Blockbuster Incorporated and Harris, former investor/operator in a multi-store Blockbuster franchise, have combined experience of more than 20 years in the industry.
   "In the early fall of 2000, we were approached by one of the producers of a feature film just entering post production, entitled "All or Nothing," says Clarke. "After screening the film," continues Clarke, "we were impressed with the story, the quality of the actors, the strong music track and most of all, the cross cultural appeal. Our instincts told us this would be a successful film!"
   Clarke reached an agreement with Urban Love Story, LLC, the rights holders for "All or Nothing," to handle exclusive U.S. video distribution of the film. "After attending a standing room only screening of "All or Nothing," during the Hollywood Black Film Festival in January," adds Clarke, "I was further convinced by the audience response, this title would be a success."
   "Since signing an agreement to distribute, we have worked closely with the producers during the final editing process" adds Clarke. "We have also worked closely with our artists in the development of dynamic key art to increase consumer interest and awareness of this film."
   It is this kind of total commitment to the success of every indie film project that Clarke and Harris take on that has made them a pair of bright lights in the world of black film entertainment and genuine heroes to film makers who, in today's economy, need all the help they can get.
   Key East Entertainment and eDigiFilm Entertainment® are based in Hollywood, Florida and, under the direction of Clarke and Harris, the companies are well known for giving more than a 100% effort in representing each of the 15 to 20 titles they handle annually for distribution to video and television.

You can contact Clarke and Harris at:
or by phone at:
(954) 929-7709