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Damon Wayans Rapped Up

   Damon Wayans will co-star with "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow for the romantic comedy "Marci X." Kudrow will play the spoiled daughter of a record company mogul who dies as a result of a rap song by the troubled label's star performer, played by Wayans. The two end up as unlikely allies in an effort to save the distressed label and find love and overcome race relation problems in the process.

Brotherly Love In Question

   "The Brothers," staring Bill Bellamy, Morris Chestnut, Shemar Moore and D.L. Hughley is about four close friends who begin to see their relationship fall apart as one of them prepares to get married. "The Brothers" should hit theaters in March.

Aaliyah Joins "Matrix"

   Hip Hop/Pop singer Aaliyah has been added to the cast of "The Matrix(s')" upcoming sequels, slated to start production in March in Australia. The third installment is scheduled to be shot immediately following the second.
   Aaliyah recently finished production on Anne Rice's "Queen of the Damned," in which she plays the title role.

Lindo And Jet Li Reunite

   Delroy Lindo and Jason Statham have signed on with Jet Li for the sci-fi thriller "The One." The Revolution Studios picture rests on the premise of alternative universes. Li and Lindo previously
co-starred in "Romeo Must Die.''

HBO "Dancing In September"

   "Dancing In September," the HBO film about an African-American television network exec, stars Nicole Ari Parker and Isaiah Washington, and will be the directorial debut of Reggie Rock Bythewood, who also wrote the film. "Dancing In September," is a television industry insider phrase that means a show has been picked up for the fall season. The movie reveals the professional and personal life of a black executive as her show moves from an artistic vision to a stereotypically offensive TV program.

Brandy Norwood As Dorothy

   Singer/actresses, Brandy Norwood is negotiating to star in the Fox Hip-Hop rendition of "The Wizard of OZ" titled "The O.Z." The film also stars Queen Latifah (Glenda the Good Witch), Busta Rhymes (Cowardly Lion), Little Richard (the Wizard), Ginuwine (the Scarecrow) and R&B group IMX (the flying monkeys). Everyone has agreed to do the picture, though no deals have been signed yet.

Duncan Goes From Ape To Mummy

   Once Michael Clarke Duncan doffs his Planet of the Apes makeup, he'll co-star in the "The Mummy" three-quel with WWF star The Rock. Duncan told the LA Daily News that the film, tentatively titled "The Scorpion King," would be a spin-off based on his character in "The Mummy II." The shooting schedule has yet to be set.

Angela Bassett On The Bus

   Angela Bassett has been cast in the lead role for the first authorized movie about civil rights legend Rosa Parks, and Parks, herself, will actually participate in the production of the movie. In 1955, Rosa Parks gained national acclaim when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white person. CBS will begin filming this spring, but no air date has been set yet.

Lawrence In Trouble With Devito

   Inch high private eye Martin Lawrence and former "Taxi" star Danny Devito will co-star in the summer comedy "What's The Worse That Can Happen." The pairing is a short person's dream come true.