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"High Crimes"

   We reported in September that Morgan Freeman might reteam with Ashley Judd for a new movie. Happily, Freeman and Judd have gotten back together and their new film "High Crimes" is currently in production.    Morgan will play a military lawyer who teams with Harvard Law School professor, Judd, to defend her husband after the Army declares him a deserter and charges him with participating in a mass killing.

Method Man And Redman To Co-Star

   Rap-duo Method Man and Redman had an idea for a movie and it looks like their idea may actually make it to movie screens, albeit with an undecided title as yet. Their upcoming film is tentatively titled "How High," about two pot heads who get smarter by smoking a special brand of weed and manage to get themselves accepted to Harvard University. Unfortunately, soon after their arrival on campus, the duo run out of their special smart herb and are reduced to surviving on their natural brain power to make the grade. Jesse Dylan (son of Bob Dylan) is in negotiations to direct the film which may start filming as early as January.

Don Cheadle A Family Man

   Don Cheadle, who is currently busy filming "Swordfish" with Halle Berry, will co-star with Nicolas Cage, Tea Leoni, Bo Derek, Jeremy Piven, Paul Sorvino, Harve Presnell, Gianni Russo, and Josef Sommers in Universal's romantic comedy "The Family Man" about a lonely investment banker who wakes up one morning to discover what life would have been like had he married his college sweetheart.
   Filming started in November of 1999 and finally wrapped in New York and LA in March of this year. It's due for release December 15.

Laurence On The 'Knight' Shift

   Martin Lawrence is about to start filming on 20th Century Fox/New Regency's "Black Knight."
   The film is about a hapless theme-restaurant employee (Lawrence) who manages to get himself transported back to medieval times. He ends up paired with an ex-knight and a peasant girl to depose an evil king. British actor Tom Wilkinson will play the evil king's armored enforcer.

Jada Pinkett-Smith Added To The Matrix

   Jada Pinkett-Smith is currently in talks to star in the second and third installments of Warner Bros/Village Roadshow Picture's "The Matrix." If cast, she will play Niobi, the love interest of Laurence Fishburne's character.

Coolio Back From China

   Coolio has just returned from China after wrapping work on Stanley Tong's "China Strike Force." For those less familiar with Tong in the US, he's the genious stunt trainer who taught Jackie Chan how to perform movie stunts.

Eartha Kitt In A New Groove

   Eartha Kitt and fellow actors David Spade, John Goodman, and Patrick Warburton lend their voices to Disney's latest animated movie "The Emperor's New Groove."
   The film is slated to open December 15 and tells the tale of an 18 year-old South American emperor who is turned into a llama by an evil advisor and then struggles to return to the city to reclaim his throne.

Scary Sequel On Fast Track

   Dimension/Miramax has put the sequel to this summer's blockbuster, "Scary Movie," on the fast track. After grossing more than $144 million at US box offices and becoming the highest-grossing film in Miramax's history, the film's sequel is reported to start filming this fall for a May 2001 release.
   The sequel will reunite brothers Keenen Ivory, Shawn and Marlon Wayans as both writers and actors.

Aaliyah In Anne Rice Project

   Novelist Anne Rice's 1993 novel "The Queen of the Damned" is being produced by Warner Bros./Village Roadshow Prods. for director Michael Rymer and will star Stuart Townsend and actress-singer Aaliyah.

Spike To Produce What?!

   Okay, he lampooned black television as a modern day minstrel show with the movie "Bamboozled," then he accused black television actors like Jamie Foxx and other comedic actors of perpetuating the minstrel show mentality, then he condemned the new sitcom "Girlfriends" for promoting racial stereotypes.
   So what could Spike Lee possibly do for an encore? Try this one out: Lee has just inked a deal with Studios USA to develop and executive produce, of all things, a drama and comedy series for television.

Whoopie's A Devil In "Monkeybone"

   This movie was also known during its development as "Dark Town." The film combines stop-motion animation with live actors in a film about a comic book writer (Brendan Fraser) in a coma following a car accident, who wakes up in a spooky world he created in his comic book, "Dark Town".
   With only 12 hours to escape before Death (Whoopie Goldberg) claims him, he teams up with his own creation, Monkeybone, to try and return to the real world.
   Originally scheduled for release in November, Fox has pushed the opening back to April, 2001. The movie also stars Dave Foley, Bridgette Fonda, Chris Kattan, Harry Knowles, Rose McGowan, and Megan Mullaly.

Rhames And Tyrese Have A New 'Baby'

   Ving Rhames is negotiating to star with R&B singer Tyrese in writer-director John Singleton's new project "Baby Boy." Tyrese will make his acting debut in the title role while Rhames plays the gentleman friend of Tyrese's movie mom.
   "Baby" is about an unemployed young man (Tyrese) who lives at home with his mother and refuses to accept the responsibilities of the child he's fathered. Though he spends time with the child's mother, he falls in love with another woman.