Pras Novel Now A Feature

   The novel "Ghetto Superstar," by Pras Michel (of the Fugees) about a gifted musician's escape from the streets is brought to life by New Line Cinema, producers Madonna and Guy Oseary, and director Robert Adetuvi.
   Starring in his own book-turned -movie, Pras plays Diamond, a wanna be hip-hop artist who cuts endless demos in a Brooklyn studio. Ja Rule plays Diamond's longtime friend Gage.
   One can only hope the movie has better financial success than the book.

"Titans" Jump-Starting The Fall Movie Season

   Disney opened "Remember The Titans" unchallenged by major movie competition because the other studios essentially feared the movie's blockbuster potential.
   With an Oscar-worthy performance by Denzel Washington in this heartfelt teen football movie and the box office in the doll drums lately, who can blame studio execs for running scared. But if Washington and his Titans can jump-start the fall season (like everyone hopes), movie goers may finally begin to see more films of Oscar quality that, until now, the studios have been hesitant to release.

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