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Lil' Kim and Ginuwine In Cross-Dresser

   Lil' Kim, after her bit part in "She's All That," must have discovered she likes the big screen. We'll be seeing her again in "Juwanna Mann," about, of all things, a cross-dressing basketball player. This time her part is bigger. She plays the basketball/dress-wearing big guy's girlfriend. Okay, we know it's a little confusing at this point. Other cast members include Tommy Davidson, Kim Wayans, Vivica Fox, and Ginuwine. Look for this one in Summer 2001.

Forest Whitaker Joins Cast Of Panic Room

   Forest Whitakeris now a cast member of Columbia Pictures ' Panic Room, a feature thriller . Whitaker, Nicole Kidman, Dwight Yoakam and Jared Leto will co-star. Shooting is set to begin November 1. David Fincher will direct from a script by David Koepp.

Vanessa Williams To Remake "A Christmas Carol"

   Vanessa Williams has chosen to star in VH1's musical remake of "A Christmas Carol." According to VH1 execs, the singer/actress will play the role of Ebony, a composite character based on the lives a number of vocalists. Yes, there will be plenty of singing and even an original tune or two.

Jaimie Foxx Looking At Serious Role

   Director Oliver Stone wanted Will Smith for his upcoming remake of "A Star Is Born." but the actor had to pass on the project because of his previous commitment to the Muhammad Ali movie he's working on. Undaunted, Stone had the chance to ask Jaimie Foxx, who said yes. The film will be a real departure for Foxx. Stone and Warner Bros. are now trying to cast Aaliyah ("Romeo Must Die") to be Foxx's co-star.

James Avery To Star As "Rock'em, Sock'em" Dad

   James Avery has signed to play a "soccer mom" type dad in the film "Honeybee ." The storyline revolves around a young woman trying to make it in the tough world of professional women's boxing. Avery is probably best known for his Philip Banks role in the TV series "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" with Will Smith. Senait Ashenafi of "General Hospital" fame, will play the title role. The cast will also include Pierre Perea, Antwan Mills, Tempest, Gayle Samuels, Victor Carr, Jamie Poppingo and Trinita Turner. Independent producer Roderick Powell has cast actual female professional boxing stars for the film, including Corinne Van Ryck. The film will also star comedian/actor Darian Perkins known for his work in BET's "Comic View " and in "Def Comedy Jam." The film should be released sometime next year.