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April 2002
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Halle Berry on "Monsters Ball"

When asked what she related from her own life to her character in "Monster's Ball:"

What I do relate to is my mother being a single mother. My mother is white and she had these two little black kids and she knew that we had to work harder and be better to try and overcome the racism that exists in this country. She tried to afford us every opportunity to excel so if I took anything from my real life, I probably tried to instill that in Leticia."

When asked what it was like to work with Billy Bob Thornton:

"Right before every scene we had together, he would start making jokes and laughing. Even before the death scenes he would start in with these bizarre stories, cracking jokes. I think it helped Sean Combs because I think that relaxed Sean. But at times I would have liked to go into a closet - or lock him in one!"


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