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January 2002
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Wayans Brothers Get Green Light

Dimension Films have given the Wayans brothers the go ahead for "Scary Movie 3: Episode I-Lord of the Brooms." This installment will probably be a take-off on recent sci-fi wizardry films. "Scary Movie 3" starts lensing in March.

Singleton To Direct Sinbad

John Singleton will soon voyage with "Sinbad." The director is set to direct an epic film about the pirate/hero and his travels. According to E!, the film will mix action and humor and is expected in theaters either in 2003 or 2004.

X-Men 2 Has Release Date

The highly anticipated "X-Men 2" finally has a release date. The high-action, sequel will reunite Halle Berry, Patrick Stewart, and Hugh Jackman, and is set to hit theaters May 2, 2003.

Townsend Surrounded By 10,000

Robert Townsend has put the finishing touches on a film called "10,000 Black Men Named George" about the pullman-porter strike. The film stars Andre Braugher, Charles S. Dutton, and Mario Van Peebles. "10,000 Black Men" will air on HBO in February.

Aaliyah's Brother Helps Complete Film

Aaliyah's death in a plane crash last August in The Bahamas, left several film projects up in the air. One was her role in "The Queen of The Damned," Anne Rice's vampire movie. Time magazine is reporting that Aaliyah's brother, Rashad, recorded some of Aaliyah's dialogue in order to see the film to completion. Aaliyah, who plays a 6,000 year-old Egyptian vampire in the film, had almost finished her role when she died. Because her role was done with an Egyptian accent, some dialogue touchup was required for some of the lines that she recorded to make them clearer for the audience Rashad, her older brother, speaks in the same smooth, serene tones as his sister and so, according to a representative of the family, he re-recorded a small number of words and stray lines of Aaliyah's dialogue. Aaliyah's voice will not be completely replaced -- Rashad's was actually mixed in with his sister's to give the lines more force and clarity.

Shrinking Man Gets Wayans

Keenan Ivory Wayans is in talks to direct the latest Eddie Murphy project, "The Incredible Shrinking Man." The film is expected to begin shooting sometime this summer. Murphy is co-executive producing the film, as well as starring in it.

Mos Def In Several Upcoming Films

Mos Def is in demand of late. In 2002 he stars with Billy Bob Thorton in "Monster's Ball," Eddie Murphy and Robert DeNiro in "Showtime" and Taye Diggs in "Brown Sugar."

Chestnut Co-stars With Lil' Bow Wow

Morris Chestnut will co-star with Lil' Bow Wow in the film "Like Mike." Chestnut will play an NBA player with a new 11 year-old teammate who finds a pair of magical Michael Jordan sneakers. Chestnut is currently finishing work on his film with Steven Seagal called "Half Past Dead."

Pinkett-Smith On Matrix 2, 3 and Game

In "The Matrix" sequels, Jada Pinkett-Smith plays Niaobi, which she describes as the female version of Laurence Fishburne's Morpheus - very tough and noble. She says the schedule for the movie is extremely hectic and to add to it, she's gone through four months of martial arts training and wire training. "We're shooting '2' and '3' and we're also shooting a video game that has movie footage in it. So we're doing three projects at the same time. It's hectic." "The Matrix 2" is expected in theaters May 2003.

Master P And Popcorn Shrimp?

Master P will star in the Showtime original movie "Popcorn Shrimp," written and directed by Christopher Walken. He's also set to star in the upcoming Miramax film "Undisputed" alongside Wesley Snipes and Ving Rhames as well as the UA film "Plague Season" with Kurt Russell. Both of those films are set to launch next spring.

Beyoncé Snagged Lead

We reported that Beyoncé Knowles was ready to star in the third Austin Powers installment. Now we've learned she'll play the lead female role, Foxy Cleopatra, opposite Mike Myers. Beyoncé told Billboard. "It is actually [in the movie] the first time you see Foxy Cleopatra.

Rapper Eve, Diesel, And Jackson In XXX

Rapper Eve will star alongside Vin Diesel, Samuel L. Jackson and Asia Argento in Revolution Studios' spy thriller "XXX." Production began last month in Los Angeles and has moved to Prague. The studio is looking for an August, 2002 release. Eve will play friend and business partner to an extreme-sports player (Diesel) recruited by the government to infiltrate a crime ring. Eve also is likely to perform the title song for the film.