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Phyllis Pollack

Actress/comedienne Yvette Wilson, known to UPN viewers as Andell on "The Parkers"and "Moesha," has formed a new record company called, Fat Daddy Records with her husband, Jerome Harry, who has worked both in music management and as a label consultant.

Wilson says her entertainment background and her husband's experience in the music business, were key factors in their decision to start the label. Fat Daddy Recordsí first release will be "Talk Of The Town," the debut album from Oakland-born rapper Habitt, who is currently living in Los Angeles. It will be available early next year.

"My work has always been rooted in hip hop," Wilson says. "To be more direct about it, that goes way beyond my work. Both my husband's and my entire life are rooted in hip hop. Hip hop is 30 years old, so it's been around since we've been around. It's not a choice of genre of music that we picked, it's a lifestyle. We have always lived that lifestyle. It's just evolving. The kids who used to listen to hip hop are now adults that listen to hip hop. My family is what I consider second-generation hip hop, my husband, myself and my kids."

Wilson has appeared in successful theatrical film releases that include Ice Cube's "Friday" and "Poetic Justice" starring Janet Jackson and the late Tupac Shakur. Wilson says the goals for their music label will be consistent with the philosophy that was brought into their life when she started working as a comedienne with Def Comedy Jam.

"Russell Simmons and hip hop brought us new possibilities and a new outlook with that show, which was a hip hop vehicle that exposed us to what dreams and aspirations could be reached," Wilson says. "Hip hop is a state of mind that is freedom from a certain type of oppression. We have 'hoods all over the world now. Although we are from the 'hood, it's not really a location, but a place in your heart, and what holds you to a certain place."

Harry adds, "This is where we are going to get our artists, and we look forward to discovering new talent. We very much want to help other people achieve the lifestyle that we enjoy." Wilson says, "I learned from my time on Def Comedy Jam that not only our music, but also our sense of humor was hip hop."

The couple says they want to be a positive example of a male and female who are working together with a common bond. Harry, who has guided Electra and Interscope artists Knock'Turn'al and 4th Avenue Jones, says, "My wife and I consult on everything, and we are both involved in the decisions. We are very excited about what the future will hold."


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