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If nothing else, you really have to respect Eddie Turner's effort as a musician. His passion for making music shines through on every track on "Rise," Turner’s debut solo album. He also doesn’t bother wasting a listener’s time – every note is intentional. The result is an album displaying the one-time Otis Taylor contributor as a capable front man who can play the blues and never bore you.

Enter Turner’s sophomore album "The Turner Diaries," pure electric-blues. Turner has such a sizzling approach to modern blues only one word can describe it – scorching. Turner’s clean guitar-playing makes up for where he lacks as a vocalist. It’s not that his vocals are bad, but that he injects a lot of soul and not a lot of power. All the influences and styles – and lack thereof – add to the album’s strength as a collection of songs created to save the performer’s soul, and hopefully the listener’s.

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