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Stephanie L. Ogle

Me’Shell Ndegeocello may not be a household name but you are sure to have heard her music at some point in her career.

This diverse singer, songwriter and musician is as gifted as they come…if not more. Her style cannot be neatly "categorized"…it’s what one can call "funked-up rock and roll, jazzy blues with old school R&B-ish soul on a spoken-word with tight bass riffs."

With a current increased awareness in R&B songs back to somewhat of a retro-soulful place, the message and tones of life and love in some of today’s "neo-soul" songs are déjà vu-ishly familiar. This is the kind of music and songs Me’Shell was doing almost 10 years ago. One can say she was ahead of her time.

The woman, a shaven-headed, thumping bass player with a throaty singing voice, vocalizes songs that are often full of social commentary, and her thoughts on spirituality, life and love can make for deep individual soul-searching and reflection.

With a career spanning such recognizable songs as "If That’s Your Boyfriend (He Wasn’t Last Night)," "I’m Diggin’ You (Like An Old Soul Record)," and having the sexy "Let Me Have You" (remember the shower love scene in "How Stella Got Her Groove Back") in her roster of amazing work, she’s proven that she doesn’t have to consistently produce albums for the sake of just putting something out. She’s contributed to numerous movie soundtracks ranging from films such as "Panther," "Higher Learning," "The Best Man," and "Love and Basketball," to the HBO movie (adapted from the Terri McMillan novel) "Disappearing Acts;" Ndegeocello maintains versatility and longevity in her work and loyal fans.

Me’Shell’s upcoming album "Cookie: The Anthropological Mix Tape," is slated for a Feb. 12, 2002, release.

"Its four segments asking about life…just looking at myself and how I fit into this kinda capitalistic society and how it all kinda works against finding a certain spiritual calm."

Me’Shell is currently on tour to promote "Cookie: The Anthropological Mix Tape."

Visit to check out her tour dates.


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