Music Sheet: The Deaux Boyz Fuse Rap And Pop To A Different Beat




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By Barry Lewis

The Deaux Boy’z futuristic hip-hop is so edgy, only two words can describe it – zuper deauxp (super dope).

A sub group of a larger group called The Unit, enter the Deaux Boyz a duo that consists of original sound from an unlikely place, Aurora, Colo.  Now residing in Hollywood, Calif, Sekani Turner (Syn) and Ryan Spencer (Rick Jewelz) make up The Deaux Boyz.

It is not every day people hear of a rap group coming from Colorado, and The Deaux Boyz say they have been faced with opposition from those back home and also from people from outside the state.

“A lot of people were hating and saying we weren’t going to move,” Syn says.” But on the other hand we had those who said we were going to go to Hollywood and get it cracking.”

Although they may be faced with skepticism and disbelief, they feel their music speaks for itself and people will enjoy it no matter where the Boyz are from.

“At first when I tell people we’re from Colorado most people do not take us serious. People think there are cowboys and stuff in Colorado,” Jewelz says.” But after people hear the music it’s always been a good response.”

The duo writes all of their own music and Syn says that Jewelz produces 95 percent of the beats they use. The duo says they format their music just like artists on the top 20, but they use different beats therefore they feel their music is refreshing as it is a sound that has never been heard before.

“Our music stands out because we have a different sound than everybody, it is a fusion of rap and pop and we use different beats that stand out,” Syn says.

Through self-promotion using Myspace and Facebook, The Deaux Boyz have been able to connect with some prevalent names in the rap game as well as gain a fan base in multiple cities.  DJ Ill Will played a good part in helping the duo before they moved to California.

“I sent him music when I was in Colorado and he was doing hotnewhiphop before he was big,” Syn says.” He was feeling it and said we should do a mixtape, that’s really how we hooked up and we were the first ones in Colorado with a mixtape.”

With such work ethic and through such promotion, The Deaux Boyz have been able to perform at various shows around Colorado as well as open for big names like Busta Rhymes and Young Berg, just to name a few. Not only have they done shows, the duo has gotten airplay on various radio stations throughout the U.S.

“107.1 in Colorado, Power 105 and Hot 97 in New York and we have gotten airplay in Atlanta,” Syn says.

As another way to self-promote, the Boyz larger group called The Unit has initiated EarWaxx Exxclusives, a way for them to release weekly singles.

“H*Wood said he was going to drop a track every week,” Syn says.” I came up with the name, I was thinking music goes in your ear and wax is like the music vinyl and that would be a good name for it. We are going to drop two tracks a week.”

The Deaux Boyz have big plans for themselves and tell fans to continue to look out for their music. The say they plan on taking over the music industry.

“We see ourselves on top of the world,” The Boyz say,” We see ourselves being paid with a sky scraper in Denver, and we see ourselves on top of the charts, look out for our music.”

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