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Stephanie L. Ogle

One of the most profound musicians to have his vibes set the stage and tone in the movies would have to be bassist Stanley Clarke

Clarke had a very successful musical career as a solo artist and producer before he ventured into the composing realm of film and television. Clarke’s haunting, yet powerfully moving "Black On Black Crime" which appeared in John Singleton’s "Boyz ‘N The Hood," has got to be the project that put Clarke’s name and amazing bass playing skills into the ears, minds and hearts of a younger generation of music listeners. Singleton knew a good thing when he heard it. Clarke’s grooves were used in two more of his films: "Poetic Justice" (‘93) and "Higher Learning" (‘94).

This summer Clarke compositions can be heard in Malcom Lee’s surprise comedy hit "Undercover Brother." Clark also has scored the main title theme for Wesley Snipe’s "Passenger 57" (‘92). His thumping bass cords are so fierce that anyone listening to their full rich body is guaranteed to be playing the "air bass" right along.

Anything that Clarke touches turns to gold. Me’Shell NdegeOcello credits him as one of her favorite inspiring fellow bass players. If Clarke’s playing doesn’t impress you, most definitely his list of credits will including "Soul Food," "The Five Heartbeats," "The Best Man" and 30 other films scores. Showing no sign of slowing down, the legendary musician has his 16th solo project due out sometime this year, which according to his Web site, is the first solo project from him since 1993. For more info on Staneley Clarke, visit his websit at: www.


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