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Phyllis Pollack

Big Hutch (aka "Cold 187um") of the legendary West Coast supergroup, Above The Law, returns with his long awaited second solo release, Live From The Ghetto.

Above The Law was one of the seminal, G-funk laced groups on the Ruthless Records label, run by the late, legendary Eric "Eazy-E" Wright. Hip hop heads last heard from Hutch back in 1999 when he released his first solo debut album, Executive Decisions, on his independent label, West World Records. With this album, Hutch brings melody back, with his time-honored brand of West Coast hip hop.

Hutch’s signature G-Funk sound can be found on classic hip hop tracks like 2Pac’s "Until The End Of Time," The Dogg Pound’s "The Dog Pound 2002," Snoop Dogg’s "Dead Man Walking" among many others. Suge Knight had even tried to enlist the production services of Hutch, but the two could not see eye to eye on a myriad of things, so 187 chose to leave the situation.

Live From The Ghetto is not merely an album title, but it is the state of mind, as well as environment, which Hutch has always shared in, and it permeates through this highly-anticipated album.

Destined to be noted as an essential work, Cold 187um decided to remake the classic Curtis Mayfield song, "Give Me Your Love," but rather than just sampling it, he released it as a duet, featuring both the late singer’s trademark falsetto, a voice that was such an influence on his own delivery, and added his own vocals to it.

The stunning combination of these two voices marks a special, flawless vision in hip hop, production that has 187’s own stamp on it. Hutch explains, "I wanted to pay homage to Curtis Mayfield by adding my style to it and telling a story similar to which his original was based. "Give Me Your Love," from the Superfly soundtrack, is about a brother who is on the daily grind, doing what he’s got to do, but knowing that whatever happens, his woman has got his back, regardless of the outcome." He adds, "Curtis Mayfield was always one of my favorites, and he did it all. He wrote, produced and sang. When I was coming up, my uncle, Willie Hutch and my Dad Richard Hutch, wrote for Motown. They wrote things like The Mack, Foxy Brown, the Jackson’s, the Miracles. I experienced the Mack, Motown, all of that, because of the work my dad and my uncle did for Motown. I was brought up on that sort of player, smoothed-out music. So this is paying homage. When you listen to it, it sounds like I was in the studio with Curtis Mayfield. It sounds real natural."

Hutch is known as one of the original creators of G-Funk. Bringing Above The Law projects like the EP, Vocally Pimpin,' and the influential Black Mafia Life. Hutch remains understated, modest and extremely humble, despite his major role in the creation of G-Funk.


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