Malika Andrews Biography: Career, Achievements, and Personal Insights

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Malika Andrews

Malika Andrews has quickly become a prominent figure in the sports journalism world. She is an American sports journalist known for hosting ESPN’s NBA Today and her work as an NBA reporter. Born on January 27, 1995, in Oakland, California, she has made significant strides in her career at a young age.

Andrews joined ESPN in October 2018, starting as an online NBA writer. She became ESPN’s youngest sideline reporter during the 2020 NBA Bubble, bringing fresh perspectives to the network’s coverage. Her reporting skills and charisma earned her a spot on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list in the sports industry for 2021.

In her personal life, she shares a close bond with her family, including her sister Kendra, who is also involved in sports journalism. Andrews’s journey from Oakland to becoming a leading sports journalist at ESPN is a testament to her dedication and talent.

Rising Star in Sports Journalism

Early Life and Education

Born on January 27, 1995, in Oakland, California, Malika Andrews developed a passion for sports journalism at a young age. She attended the University of Portland, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in arts. Andrews’ determination and talent quickly caught the attention of ESPN, and she joined their team in 2018.

Career at ESPN

Andrews began her career at ESPN as an online NBA writer. Her insightful reporting and engaging writing style soon propelled her to new heights. In 2020, she made history as the youngest sideline reporter for a national NBA broadcast during the NBA Bubble. She also led the 2020 NBA draft telecast with virtual interviews, showcasing her versatility and on-screen presence.

Hosting “NBA Today”

In 2021, Andrews took over as the host of “NBA Today,” ESPN’s daily NBA show, further solidifying her position as a leading voice in basketball journalism. Her charismatic personality, in-depth knowledge of the game, and insightful interviews have made her a fan favorite.

Achievements and Recognition

Andrews’ talent and dedication have not gone unnoticed. She was named one of the Forbes 30 Under 30 in the sports industry for 2021 and received an Emmy nomination for Emerging On-Air Talent in the same year. Additionally, she has been recognized by prestigious organizations like the Society of Professional Journalists and the National Association of Black Journalists for her contributions to sports journalism.

Personal Insights and Style

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Andrews is known for her unique personal style. Her signature look on the court often includes flowing floral dresses and “garden-party-chic” attire, as described by the New York Post. She is also a vocal advocate for diversity and inclusion in sports journalism, using her platform to uplift underrepresented voices.

Career Highlights

2018Joins ESPN as an online NBA writer
2020Youngest sideline reporter for a national NBA broadcast
2020Leads the NBA draft telecast with virtual interviews
2021Becomes host of “NBA Today”
2021Named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in sports
2021Emmy nomination for Emerging On-Air Talent

Key Takeaways

  • Malika Andrews is the host of NBA Today on ESPN.
  • She started at ESPN in October 2018 and quickly rose to prominence.
  • Andrews was named to Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in sports for 2021.

Early Life and Education

Malika Andrews was born and raised in Oakland, California. Her family and academic background significantly shaped her career as a sports journalist.

Family Background

Malika Andrews was born on January 27, 1995, in Oakland, California. Her parents are Mike and Caren Andrews. Mike works as a personal trainer, and Caren is an art teacher. She has a younger sister named Kendra Andrews.

The family bonded over their love for basketball, particularly the Golden State Warriors. This shared interest in sports played a key role in Malika’s career choice. Her family’s guidance and support were crucial during her formative years.

Academic Pursuits

Malika attended a high school in the Bay Area before moving to a therapeutic boarding school in Utah. This step was important for her personal growth and development. After high school, she enrolled at the University of Portland.

At the University of Portland, she studied communications and was the editor-in-chief of the student newspaper, The Beacon. Her role at The Beacon allowed her to develop essential journalism skills. These experiences paved the way for her professional career.

Career and Professional Achievements

Malika Andrews has built a remarkable career in sports journalism, known for her insightful reporting and significant accomplishments.

Journalism Beginnings

Malika Andrews began her journalism journey with an internship at the Denver Post. She also worked as a James Reston Reporting Fellow at the New York Times. Her early experience shaped her reporting skills and gave her a strong foundation in the field. Andrews later joined the Chicago Tribune, where she reported on the Chicago Bulls and other local sports events. Her work there highlighted her ability to cover significant sports stories and connect with audiences through clear and engaging writing.

ESPN Tenure

In 2018, Malika Andrews joined ESPN as an online NBA writer. She quickly rose in the ranks, becoming one of the youngest sideline reporters during the 2020 NBA Bubble. At ESPN, Andrews hosts “NBA Today,” a program that replaced “The Jump.” She also serves as the host for all editions of “NBA Countdown.” Her contributions to ESPN include coverage for, SportsCenter, and ESPN Radio. Andrews continues to be a key figure in their NBA coverage, demonstrating her versatility and expertise in sports journalism.

Notable Coverage

Throughout her career, Andrews has covered many significant events and teams. She reported on the Milwaukee Bucks and the Chicago Bulls before her national coverage. Notably, she covered the 2020 NBA Bubble, providing in-depth reports on the pandemic-affected season. She has also covered the NBA playoffs and finals, offering critical insights on games involving the Brooklyn Nets and the Golden State Warriors. Her reporting during these events has been praised for its clarity and depth.

Industry Recognition

Malika Andrews has received numerous accolades for her work. In 2021, she was named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in the sports industry, highlighting her impact and success as a young journalist. She became the first black reporter to cover the NBA playoffs and finals. Her achievements have also been recognized by the National Association of Black Journalists. Andrews’ work continues to set a standard in sports journalism, earning her a respected place in the industry. Her recognition reflects her dedication to her craft and the quality of her reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Malika Andrews is a prominent sports journalist known for her work covering the NBA and hosting NBA Today. Her career achievements and personal background generate various questions from fans and readers alike.

Who are Malika Andrews’ parents?

Malika Andrews was born to Mike and Caren Andrews. Mike Andrews is a personal trainer, and Caren Andrews is an art teacher. They raised Malika in Oakland, California, providing a supportive environment.

Does Malika Andrews have any siblings?

Yes, Malika Andrews has a sister named Kendra Andrews. Kendra is also involved in sports journalism and has worked as a reporter covering the NBA for ESPN.

What is Malika Andrews’ net worth?

Malika Andrews’ net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. Her income comes from her successful career as a sports journalist with ESPN, where she covers the NBA and hosts various programs.

What is the height of Malika Andrews?

Malika Andrews stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (170 centimeters). She has often been seen reporting from the sidelines, towering over many players and coaches.

Has Malika Andrews won any awards for her work as a sports commentator?

Yes, Malika Andrews has been recognized for her work. She was named in the 2021 Forbes 30 Under 30 in the sports industry. This honor highlights her influence and contributions to sports journalism.

How did Malika Andrews start her career in sports journalism?

Malika Andrews began her career in sports journalism as an online NBA writer. She joined ESPN in October 2018. Her breakthrough came during the 2020 NBA Bubble when she debuted as the youngest sideline reporter for ESPN.