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"The Color Purple" (available on two-disc DVD Special Edition Feb. 18, $20.24 ) is touted as the best film of 1985 by film guru Roger Ebert for its imaginary Oz-like/Casablanca feel, joyous ending and three dimensional characters portrayed by Danny Glover, Oprah Winfrey, and the then unknown Whoopi Goldberg.

Based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the story’s premise follows Celie (Goldberg), a black woman living in the rural South during the early 1900s, and the cruelty she has suffered throughout her life - from an incestuous father to the abusive husband (Glover) Celie calls "Mister" - and her triumph over them.

Eighteen years later, "The Color Purple," which garnered 11 Academy Award nominations, stands the test of time, and proves that Steven Spielberg can direct movies other than those about T-Rexs, giant sharks and cute aliens, which was a question at the time.

"The Color Purple" was a sign of other great Spielberg films to come which highlight the triumph of the human spirit, because "The Color Purple" is a story about victory.

The two-disc DVD, remastered with an all-digital transfer offers new interviews with Spielberg, Goldberg, Winfrey, Glover Quincy Jones and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker.

Other DVD extras include:
* Conversations with Ancestors: The Color Purple from Book to Screen.
* A Collaboration of Spirits: Casting and Acting The Color Purple
*Cultivating a Classic: The Making of the Color Purple
*The Color Purple: The Musical

Other special features include behind the scenes and cast photo galleries, two trailers and a widescreen format.

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