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Samantha Ofole-Prince

With his signature, deep, authoritative voice which has a trustworthy, regal aura about it, Reddick has had his fair share of playing commanding officers. From Lt. Cedric Daniels in “The Wire,” Detective Johnny Basil on “Oz” to Deputy Chief Irvin Irving on Amazon Prime Video’s longest running drama series, “Bosch,” Reddick’s numerous screen credits include “White House Down,” and the sequel “John Wick: Chapter 2.”

I understand “Bosch” is a series based on Michael Connelly’s novels and centers around an LAPD homicide detective, Harry Bosch. Had you read or heard of the books prior to joining the series?
I had never heard of them, but I read three books of his to get a sense of my character and the world and I loved them.

Bosch cast members

You have done three series in a row where you played a commanding officer in law enforcement. Was it a little challenging bringing something different to Deputy Chief Irvin Irving?
No, for in terms of the character he is different from the others I have played. Whereas Daniels [The Wire] played politics, Irvin is a politician. He loves the game’s power. He is everything that Daniels was trying to be.

Lance Reddick in Bosch

It was extremely gratifying watching you rehearse. In terms of preparation, are there any distinctive things that you do to perfect a scene?
Once I get in character there are just a couple of things I do to just get into my body. I will record the whole scene and do it all kinds of different ways. In front of the mirror, sitting down, standing up, walking.

There are so many cop dramas saturating our television sets, what sets Bosch apart from all the others?
When it comes to lawyers, cops and doctors, at least in this country, we can’t get enough of them. It’s more to do with the politics than viewer desire as people tend to watch what they are fed. It’s a way of glorifying the authorities of our culture and legitimatizing them. Bosch tries to look so realistically at what it is to be a detective. It has more edge and shows how detectives work and the politics of being a detective. It’s different and not like The Wire. It’s a little sexier and there is more romance to it and it manages to give that romance without giving up the grittiness.

Reddick plays Deputy Chief Irving on Bosch

If you could change Deputy Chief Irvin Irving in any way would you change anything?
The last season is becoming more political and I find that he is more relaxed now we have him a girlfriend so there is nothing I can think of in terms of changing him.

Season 4 of “Bosch” will be streaming on Amazon Prime Video in early 2018.

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