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By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Katt Williams and Simon Rex

Just six months ago, Katt Williams was making headlines for his multiple arrests and bizarre behavior and seemed dangerously close to becoming a different kind of punch line.

But despite all his troubles and woes, Williams is extremely confident that great triumphs await him.

“I have been guiltily of being imperfect and not always handling things the right way, shares the comedian, “I am in a rare job where the things that go on which are unpleasant can turn themselves into comedy gold. I am trying to be a better and stronger individual.”

The raucous comedian who is widely recognized for his character in the movie “Friday After Next” as “Money Mike” is back on the big screen and can be seen in the hilarious parody “Scary Movie 5.”

With a cast that includes Terry Crews, Heather Locklear, Mike Tyson, Charlie Sheen, Snoop Lion and Lindsay Lohan, it was the perfect vehicle for Williams, who plays a priest and magician, to mark his return to the big screen after stints on “A Perfect Holiday” and “First Sunday.”

“The first thing they sent me was a list of who was already in it, and once I saw the humongous names in front of mine,” he says, “I realized it was an opportunity to come in and hit a home run. That is what you are really after as a comic, plus the opportunity to be in a winning movie from the get go was just too attractive.”

Comedians, of course, are always trying to make a connection with their crowds but for Williams who is a fan of the Scary Movie franchise, there was little preparation for his part.

“The character was one of those rare things where I was already laughing at the guy not understanding that he was me,” he says. “What I was really looking at when I got the part is that I will get the chance to be in something I am already a fan of.”

Directed by Malcolm Lee and David Zucker, this latest installment of the Scary Movie franchise, which lampoons movies in the horror genre, follows a happily married couple who hire paranormal experts after they discover their house is haunted. Like its predecessors, the plot is merely a vehicle for jokes.

“I perform to 10,000 people at a time and often you are taking something that isn’t that funny and your job is to make it funny enough to live up to your own personal brand. This was a rare opportunity where their brand was already there.”

With his return to the limelight, the 39 year old Ohio native who is known just as much for his permed hair as he is for his animated performances and quick wit is planning to return to the comedy stage.

“Now the fake promoters are done fake promoting me,” he says. “I will be begin working on a tour and doing things I have put together. I want to make sure that when my name is mentioned, I bring the good.”

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