A Look At Jazz Musician and “Harriet” Makeup Artist Angie Wells

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Angie Wells

Angie Wells is a well-known makeup artist who made a big impact in the film and television industry. She is best known for her work on the biographical film about Harriet Tubman. In the movie “Harriet,” Angie Wells contributed significantly to bringing the story of Harriet Tubman to life through her skillful makeup artistry. Her work not only captured the essence of the era but also added depth and authenticity to the characters.

Angie Wells is also recognized for her musical talent. Her second recording project, TRUTH BE TOLD, is a collection of original tunes and cover songs. It features collaborations with talented musicians and speaks to the truths of her life.

Key Takeaways

  • Angie Wells is a respected makeup artist in film and television.
  • Her work on “Harriet” was pivotal in portraying historical accuracy.
  • Makeup artistry can enhance storytelling and connect with audiences.

Professional Journey and Achievements

Angie Wells has made significant strides in film and television makeup, with notable works like Harriet and Mudbound. Her skills and creative techniques have earned her respect in the industry.

Early Career and Education

Angie Wells started her career with a BS in Business and Marketing. Before diving into makeup, she worked in corporate life in Philadelphia. Her business background gave her insight into managing projects and working with diverse teams. Eventually, her passion for makeup artistry led her to Hollywood, where she began training and gaining experience in the field.

Transition to Film and Television

Wells moved from corporate life to film and television makeup in Los Angeles. She initially worked on smaller productions and gradually built her reputation. Her break came when she worked on BET projects, which opened doors to more prominent roles. Wells’ attention to detail and creativity caught the eyes of directors and producers, leading to more significant opportunities in Hollywood.

Notable Works

One of Wells’ most acclaimed works is the makeup design for the movie Harriet, where she transformed Cynthia Erivo into Harriet Tubman. Her work in Mudbound also received significant attention. On the show black-ish, Wells showcased her versatility. Her ability to design period makeup and handle complex makeup needs has solidified her status as a top artist in the industry.

Skills and Technique

Wells is known for her creativity and precision. She uses a variety of products depending on the project’s needs, mastering both modern and period makeup designs. Her work on Harriet required detailed research and an understanding of historical accuracy. As a department head, she ensures that her team delivers consistent and high-quality makeup artistry.

Personal Influence and Legacy

Angie Wells has crafted a legacy through her advocacy in the beauty industry and mentoring future artists. Her influence extends beyond makeup, touching lives and inspiring positive changes.

Advocacy and Inspirations

Angie Wells uses her platform to raise awareness about social issues. She has taken part in movements for racial equality, speaking out after incidents like the killing of George Floyd. Her attention to historical accuracy in film, such as her work in the movie Harriet, has earned her respect in the industry.

Wells draws inspiration from her experiences and family. Her mother and grandmother instilled the values of hard work and resilience in her. She also takes cues from jazz music, a personal love that influences her creative process.

Mentorship and Industry Impact

Angie Wells is a dedicated mentor who shares her knowledge with upcoming artists. She leads workshops and offers advice on artistic attention to detail, emphasizing the importance of understanding historical contexts in makeup design. Wells’ impact on individuals like Marvin Westmore, a significant figure in the makeup industry, speaks to her influence.

She was honored with the MUAH Award, recognizing her skills and dedication. Wells remains active in the West Los Angeles community, often serving as a lecturer and trainer. Her mentorship doesn’t stop in classrooms; she advocates for business skills, ensuring artists are well-rounded professionals.

Wells continues to inspire and educate, leaving a lasting mark on the beauty and film industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Harriet Angie Wells is an esteemed makeup artist known for her work in film and television. She has made notable contributions to her craft, earning numerous awards and leading several significant projects.

Who has Angie Wells collaborated with in her professional career?

Angie Wells has worked with prominent filmmakers like Kasi Lemmons and Gregory Allen Howard. Her collaborations have been critical to the success of various projects, including the movie Harriet.

What significant contributions has Angie Wells made to her field of expertise?

She has redefined makeup artistry in historical films. Her work in the movie Harriet was particularly praised for its authenticity and attention to detail, enhancing the historical accuracy of the film.

What awards or honors has Angie Wells received in recognition of her work?

Angie Wells has received several awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Makeup. She has also been nominated for various other prestigious awards like the People’s Choice and Hollywood Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Guild Awards.

What notable projects has Harriet Angie Wells led or been a part of?

She has worked on significant projects like Harriet and the television show Black-ish. Her role in these projects has garnered critical acclaim, showcasing her exceptional skill in makeup design.

What are some published works or articles authored by Angie Wells?

While Angie Wells has been featured in articles discussing her work, such as those on Oprah Daily, there is no public record of her authoring articles or books about her career.