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Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem (basketball player/actor/producer)
Abdul, Paula (singer/actress/choreographer/producer)
Adams, Granville (actor)
Afari, Nadine B. (model, actress)
Ajaye, Franklyn (actor)
Ajene, Khari (actor/director/producer)
Akinnuoye-agbaje, Adewale (actor)
Alexander, Khandi (actress)
Alexander, Erika (actress)
Alexander (Wilson), Shanice (actress)
Ali, Tatyana (actress)
Alice, Mary (actress)
Allen, Debbie (actress/choreographer/director)
Amos, John (actor)
Anderson, Anthony (actor)
Andrews, Tina (Actress, Writer)
Angelou, Maya (writer/actress/director)
Ashanti (Ashanti Douglas) (singer/actress)
Atkins, Essence (actress)
Avery, James (actor)


Babatunde, Obba (actor)
Babyface (Kenneth Edmonds) (actor/producer)
Baker, Josephine (actress)
Banks, Ernie (actor)
Banks, Tyra (actress)
Barclay, Paris (Director, Producer)
Bassett, Angela (actress)
Bassey, Shirley (singer)
Beach, Michael (actor)
Belafonte, Harry (singer/actor)
Belafonte-Harper, Shari (singer/actor)
Bell, Darryl M. (actor)
Bellamy, Bill (actor)
Benet, Eric (singer/actor)
Berry, Halle (actress/producer)
Billops, Camille (actor/director)
Blackwell, Tamu (actress)
Blacque, Taurean (actor)
Blair, Jordan Aveline (composer)
Blanks, Billy (actor/martial artist)
Bleek, Memphis (composer/actor)
Boatman, Michael (actor)
Bond III, James (actor)
Bonet, Lisa (actress)
Bradshaw, Carl (actor)
Brandy (Brandy Norwood) (singer/actress)
Braugher, Andre (actor)
Braxton, Toni (singer/actress)
Brooks, Avery (actor)
Brown, Bobby (singer/composer/actor)
Brown, Jim (football player/actor)
Brown, Rob (actor)
Brown, Robert (actor)
Browne, Roscoe Lee (actor)
Bryant, Joy (actress)
Buford, Kenny (writer)
Burton, Levar (actor/director)
Bush, Ayana (actress)
Byrd, Eugene (actor)


Calderone, Paul (actor)
Calloway, Vanessa Bell (actress)
Campbell, Paul (actor)
Campbell, Tisha (actress)
Cam'ron (Cameron Giles) (singer/actor)
Cannon, Nick (actor)
Cara, Irene (singer/actress)
Carey, Mariah (singer/actress)
Carroll, Diahann (actress)
Carroll, Kevin (actor)
Carson, Lisa Nicole (actress)
Carter, Nell (actress)
Carter, T.K. (actor)
Carter, Thomas (Director, Producer)
Casey, Bernie (actor)
Cash, Rosalind (actress)
Casseus, Gabriel (actor)
Cedric The Entertainer (comedian/actor)
Chamberlin, Wilt (basketball player/actor)
Chapman, Lanei (actress)
Chappelle, David (actor)
Charles, Ray (singer/actor)
Chase, Annazette (actress)
Chase, Debra Martin (Producer)
Cheadle, Don (actor)
Chenzira, Ayoka (director/producer/actress)
Chestnut, Morris (actor)
Chianese Jr., Dominic (actor)
Chong, Rae Dawn (actress)
Cleveland, Odessa (actress)
Cliff, Jimmy (actor)
Cobb, Keith Hamilton (actor)
Cobbs, Bill (actor)
Coleman, Gary (actor/producer)
Cole, Natalie (singer/actress)
Coles, Kim (actress)
Conwell, Angell (actress)
Coolio (Artis Ivey Jr.) (singer/actor)
Corley, Sharron (actor)
Cosby, Bill (comedian/actor)
Cotton III, Curtis (actor)
Cox, Deborah (actress)
Crouch, Andrea (composer/actor)
Crouther, Lance (actor/writer)
Cundieff, Rusty (actor/writer/director)
Curry, Mark (actor)
Curtis-Hall, Vondie (actor/director)


DaCosta, Yaya (actress)
Dandridge, Dorothy (actress)
Danielle, Napiera (actress)
Danvers, Mark (actor)
Dash, Damon (actor)
Dash, Julie (director)
Dash, Stacey (actress)
David, Keith (actor)
Davidson, Tommy (actor)
Davis, Angela Y. (social activist/actress)
Davis, Clifton (actor)
Davis, DeRay (actor)
Davis, Ossie (actor)
Davis, Jr., Sammy (actor/singer/director/writer)
Davis, Viola (actress)
Dawn, Marpessa (actress)
Dawson, Rosario (actress)
Dee, Ruby (actress)
Devine, Loretta (actress)
Diesel, Vin (actor)
Diggs, Taye (actor)
Dillard, Victoria (actress)
DMX (Earl Simmons) (singer/actor)
Dobson, Tamara (actress)
Dogg, Snoop Doggy (Cordozar Broadus) (singer/actor)
Dorn, Michael (actor)
Doug, Doug E. (Douglas Bourne) (actor)
Dourdan, Gary (actor)
Duke, Bill (actor/director)
Dunbar, Rockmond (actor)
Duncan, Michael Clarke (actor)
Dutton, Charles S. (actor)


Earthquake (comedian, actor)
Echikunwoke, Megalyn (actress)
Eddy, Sonya (actress)
Edmonds, Tracey E. (producer/actress)
Edwards, James (actor)
Edwards, Monique (actress)
Edwards, Pierre (comedian/actor)
Ejiofor, Chiwetel (actor)
Elba, Idris (actor)
Elise, Kimberly (actress)
Ellis, Aunjanue (actress)
Epps, Mike (comedian/actor)
Epps, Omar (actor)
Epps, Shareeka (actress)
Esposito, Giancarlo (actor)
Evanofski, Candace (actress)
Evans, Art J. (actor)
Eve (Eve Jihan Jeffers) (singer/actress)
Eziashi, Maynard (actor)


Faison, Donald (actor)
Faison, Frankie (actor)
Fales-Hill, Susan (writer/producer/actress)
Fantasia (Fantasia Barrino) (singer/actress)
Fargas, Antonio (actor)
Ferrell, Tyra (actress)
Fields, Kim (actress/director)
Fishburne, Lawrence (actor)
Foster, Gloria (actress)
Foster, Stan (actor/writer/producer)
Fox, Crystal R. (actress)
Fox, Vivica A. (actress)
Foxx, Jamie (comedian/actor/writer/producer)
Foxx, Redd (comedian/actor)
Freeman, Morgan (actor)
Freeman Jr., Al (actor/director)
Fuqua. Antoine (director/producer/actor)


Game, The (Jayceon Taylor) (singer/actor)
Gaye, Nona (actress)
Gerima, Haile (director/producer)
Getrouw, Kizzy (actress)
Gibbs, Marla (actress)
Gibson, Althea (actress)
Gibson, Tyrese (also under T for Tyrese) (actor)
Gifford, Gloria (actress, director)
Ginuwine (Elgin Lumpkin) (singer/actor)
Givens, Robin (model/actress)
Glover, Corey (actor)
Glover, Danny (actor/producer)
Goldberg, Whoopi (comedianne/actress/director)
Good, Meagan (actress)
Gooding Jr., Cuba (actor)
Gooding, Omar (actor)
Gossett, Robert (actor)
Gossett, Jr., Louis (actor)
Graves, Theresa (actress)
Greene, "Mean" Joe (football player/actor)
Gregory, Dick (actor)
Grier, David Allen (actor)
Grier, Pam (actress)
Griffin, Eddie (actor)
Guillaume, Robert (actor)
Gumbel, Bryant (broadcaster/actor)
Guy, Jasmine (actress)


Hall, Albert (actor)
Hall, Arsenio (writer/producer/actor)
Hall, Irma P. (actress)
Hall, Regina (actress)
Handy, Rachael (actress)
Hardison, Kadeem (actor)
Harper, Hill (actor)
Harris, Eli (actor)
Harris, Julius W. (actor)
Harris, Naomie (actress)
Harris, Paul (actor)
Harris, Robin (comedian/actor)
Harris, Zelda (actress)
Harris-Barclay, Ameer (actor)
Harvey, Steve (comedian/actor)
Hayes, Isaac (singer/composer/actor)
Haysbert, Dennis (actor)
Heavy D (Dwight Errington Myers) (singer/actor)
Henson, Darrin Dewitt (actor/choreographer)
Henson, Taraji (actress)
Henton, John (actor)
Hervey, Winifred (Writer, Producer)
Hewett, Howard (singer)
Hill, Dule (actor)
Hill, Lauryn (singer/actress)
Hines, Gregory (dancer/actor)
Holden, Donald (actor)
Hooks, Kevin (Director)
Horsford, Anna Maria (actress)
Hounsou, Djimon (actor)
Houston, Whitney (singer/actress)
Howard, Terrence (actor)
Hudlin, Reginald (writer/director/actor/producer)
Hudlin, Warrington (producer/actor/director)
Hudson, Ernie (actor)
Hudson, Jennifer (singer/actress)
Hughley, D.L. (comedian/actor)


Ice Cube (O'Shea Jackson) (singer/actor)
Ice-T (Tracy Morrow) (singer/actor)


Jackson, Janet (singer/actress)
Jackson, Mahalia (actress, singer)
Jackson, Mel (actor)
Jackson, Michael (singer/composer/actor/producer)
Jackson, Samuel L. (actor/producer)
Jacobs, Lawrence Hilton (actor)
Jay-Z (Shawn Corey Carter) (singer/actor)
Jean, Wyclef (singer actor)
Jerkins, Rodney (singer)
Johnson, Adrienne Joi (actress)
Johnson, Anne Marie (actress)
Johnson, Clark (actor)
Johnson, Jayson (actor)
Jones, Barbara O. (BarbaraO) (actress)
Jones, James Earl (actor)
Jones, Jill Marie (actress)
Jones, Krysten Leigh (actress)
Jones, Orlando (actor)
Jones, Quincy (composer/producer/actor)
Jones, Rashida (actress)
Jones, Renee (actress)
Jones, Richard T. (actor)
Jordan, Michael (basketball player/actor)
Julien, Max (actor, producer, writer)


Kelley, Jim (actor)
Kelly, Elijah (actor)
Kelly, R.
(Robert S. Kelly) (composer)
Kennedy-Overton, Jayne (sportscaster/actress/model)
Khari Streeter (director/writer/producer)
King, Don (sports promoter/actor/producer)
King, Regina (actress)
Kitt, Eartha (actress)
Knight, Marion "Suge" (music producer/actor)
Knowles, Beyonce (singer/actress)
Kodjoe, Boris (actor)
Kone, Charles (actor)
Kotto, Yaphet (actor)
Kurupt (Ricardo Brown) (singer/actor)


La Salle, Eriq (actor)
Lathan, Sanaa (actress)
Lathan, Stan (Director, Producer)
Lawrence, Mark Christopher (actor)
Lawrence, Martin (actor)
LaVert, Gerald (actor)
Lee, Anthony Dwain (actor)
Lee, Damian Jewan (actor)
Lee, Joie (actress)
Lee, Kenney (actor)
Lee, Spike (director/producer)
Lemmons, Kasi (actress)
Lennix, Harry (actor)
Lenoir, Noemie (actress)
Leon (Leon Robinson) (actor)
Lewis, Carl (athlete/actor)
Lewis, Dawnn (actress)
Lewis, Jenifer (actress)
Lifford, Tina (actress)
Lil' Bow Wow (singer/actor)
Lil' Kim (Kimberly Jones) (singer/actress)
Lil' Romeo (Percy Romeo Miller Jr.) (singer/actor)
Lil' Zane (Zane Copeland Jr.) (singer/actor)
Lindo, Delroy (actor)
LisaRaye (Lisa Ray McCoy) (actress)
Lister Jr., Tom "Tiny" (actor)
LL Cool J (James Todd Smith) (singer/actor)
Lockhart, Calvin (actor)
Lofton, Cirroc (actor)
Lofton, Darkeith (actor)
Long, Nia (actress)
Ludacris (Chris Bridges) (singer/actor)
Luke, Derek (actor)


Mac, Bernie (comedian/actor)
Mackie, Anthony (actor)
Maina, Charles Gitonga (actor)
Marshall, William (actor)
Martin, Christopher (actor)
Martin, Duane (actor)
Martin, Jesse L. (actor)
Martino, Matthew C. (producer/actor)
Master P. (Percy Miller) (singer/actor)
McBride, Chi (actor)
McDaniel, Hattie (actress)
McDaniel, James (actor)
McDonald, Audra (actress)
McQueen, Butterfly (actress)
Meadows, Tim (actor)
Meeks, Aaron (actor)
Merkerson, S. Epatha (actress)
Method Man (Clifford Smith) (singer/actor)
Micheaux, Oscar (director/producer)
Michele, Michael (actress)
Milian, Christina (actress)
Mitchell, Daryl (actor)
Mitchell, Kel (actor)
Miyeni, Eric (actor)
Mixon-Kirk, Jered (actor)
Monica (Monica Arnold) (singer/actress)
Mo'nique (Monique Imes) (actress)
Moody, Lynne (actress)
Moore, Kenya (actress)
Moore, Shemar (actor)
Morgan, Michele (actress)
Morgan, Tracy (actor)
Morris, Garrett (actor)
Morris, Jr., Tom (actor/tv correspondent)
Morrow, Mari (actress)
Morton, Joe (actor)
Mos Def (Dante Terrell Smith) (singer/actor)
Mosley, Roger (actor)
Mowry, Tahj (actor)
Mr. T (Laurence Tureaud) (athlete/actor)
Mumba, Smantha (actress)
Murphy, Eddie (actor)
Myers, Lou (actor)


Nas (Nasir Jones) (singer/actor/writer)
Neal, Elise (actress)
Nelly (Cornell Haynes, Jr.) (singer/actor)
Nelson, Sean (actor)
Newkirk, Toy (actress)
Newton, Thandie (actress)
Nicholas Fayard (dancer/actor)
Nicholas Harold (dancer/actor)
Nichols, Nichelle (actress)
Ntshona, Winston (actor)
Nunez, Miguel A., Jr. (actor/director/writer/producer)
Nunn, Bill (actor)


Ogunlano, Oyafunmike (actress)
Oh, Sandra (actress)
Okonedo, Sophie (actress)
Omilami, Afemo (actor)
Omilami, Elizabeth (actress)
O'Neal, Ron (actor/director)
Oversier, Stacy (actress)
Oyelowo, David (actor)


P., Storm (Quran Pender) (actor)
Palmer, Keke (actress)
Parker, Nicole Ari (actress)
Parker, Paula Jai (actress)
Parks, Gordon (Actor, Director, Composer, Writer, Producer)
Parks, Taylor (actress)
Parros, Peter
Paulk, Marcus T. (actor)
Payne, Allen (actor)
Payton, Christian (actor)
Peebles, Mario Van (actor)
Peebles, Melvin Van (actor/director/producer)
Peete, Holly Robinson (actress)
Peoples, Bobby M. Sr. (writer/director/producer)
Perrineau Jr., Harold (actor)
Perry, Felton (actor)
Perry, Tyler (director/actor)
Peters, Brock (actor)
Phifer, Mekhi (actor)
Phillips, Joseph C. (actor)
Pinkett-Smith, Jada (actress)
Pippen, Scottie (basketball player/actor)
Plummer, Glen Earl (actor)
Poitier, Sidney (actor)
Pooh, DJ (writer/actor)
Pool, Johnny (skater/actor)
Pounder, CCH (actress)
Powell, Clifton (actor)
Pras (Prakazrel Michel) (singer/actor)
Pratt, Kyla (actress)
Price, Leontyne (actress)
Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) (singer/actor)
Prince-Bythewood, Gina (director, writer, producer, actress)
Pryor, Richard (comedian/actor)
Purdee, Nathan (actor)
Purvis, Michael (actor)

Queen Latifah (Dana Elaine Owens) (singer/actress/producer)
Quivers, Robin (actress)

Ralph, Sheryl Lee (actress)
Randle, Theresa (actress)
Ray J (Wille Norwood, Jr.) (actor/singer/producer)
Raye, Lisa (actress/model)
Reed, Tracy (actress)
Reese, Della (actress)
Redman (Reggie Noble) (singer/actor)
Reid, Christopher (actor)
Reid, Tim (actor/director)
Reuben, Gloria (actress)
Reynolds, James (actor)
Rhames, Ving (actor)
Rhymes, Busta (singer/composer/actor)
Ri'chard, Robert (actor)
Richards, Beah (actress)
Richardson, Ja Nice (actress)
Richardson, LaTanya (actress)
Richardson-Whitfield, Salli (actress)
Ridley, John (Writer)
Rihanna (Robyn Rihanna Fenty) (singer)
Rippy, Rodney Allen (actor)
Roberts, Leonard (actor)
Robinson, Bill "Bojangles" (dancer/actor)
Robinson, Nichole Mercedes (actress)
Robinson, Wendy Raquel (actress)
Rochon, Lela (actress)
Rock, Chris (comedian/actor)
Rock, The (Dwayne Johnson) (pro wrestler, actor)
Rodman, Dennis (basketball player/actor)
Rodriguez, Percy (actor)
Rogers, Ivan
Rolle, Esther (actress)
Rose, Anika Noni (actress)
Ross, Diana (singer/actress)
Ross, Evan (actor)
Ross, Tracey (actress)
Roundtree, Richard (actor)
Rowell, Victoria (actress)
Rowland, Kelly (singer/actress)
Rule, Ja (Jeffrey Atkins) (singer/actor)
Russ, Tim (actor)
Russell, Darnellia (actress)
Russell, David (storyboard artist, production illustrator)
Ryan, Roz (actress)


Saldana, Zoe (actress)
Salmon, Colin (actor)
Sands, Diana (actress)
Santana, Merlin (actor)
Sarpong, Sam (actor, model)
Sciorra, Annabella (actress)
Scott, Kente (actor)
Scott, Klea (actress)
Scott, Larry B. (actor/producer)
Sengbloh, Saycon (actress)
Shakur, Tupac (singer, actor, poet)
Shannon, Vicellous Reon (actor)
Sharissa (singer/actress)
Short, Columbus (actor/choreographer)
Shuford, Kajuana (actress)
Sigel, Beanie (composer/actor)
Silvera, Frank (actor/director)
Simmons, Derrick (actor/stuntman)
Simmons, Henry (actor)
Simpson, O.J. (football player/actor)
Sinbad (David Adkins) (comedian/actor)
Singleton, John (director/producer)
Singleton Jr., Issac C. (actor)
Sisqo (singer/actor)
Smith, LaTamra (actress)
Smith, Makyla (actress)
Smith, Roger Guenveur (actor)
Smith, Will (actor/singer)
Snipes, Wesley (actor)
Snoop Dogg (Cordozar Broadus) (singer/actor)
Sommore (Lori Ann Rambough) (comedianne/actress)
Speed, Carol (actress)
St. John, Kristoff (actor)
St. Patrick, Mathew (actor)
Starr, Fredro (singer/actor)
Stewart, Nick "Nicodemus" (actor)
Stewart, Willie (actor/producer)
Stickney, Timothy D. (actor)
Stickney, Phyllis Yvonne (actress)
Strode, Woodrow "Woody" Wilson Woolwine (actor/athlete)
Studdard, Ruben (singer/actor)
Swan, Charles W. (actor)
Sweet, Vonte (actor)
Symone, Raven (actress)
Szohr, Jessica (actress)


T, Mr. (actor)
Taimak (Taimak Guarriello) (actor, stuntman, martial artis)t
Tamu (Tamu Blackwell) (actress, asst. director)
Tate, Larenz (actor)
Taylor, Mark (actor)
Taylor, Regina (actress)
Thigpen, Lynne (actress)
Thomas, Billie 'Buckwheat' (actor)
Thomas, Philip Michael (actor)
Thomas, Sean Patrick (actor)
Thompson, Kenan (actor)
Todd, Tony (actor/producer)
Torry, Guy (actor)
Torry, Joe (actor)
Toussaint, Lorraine (actress)
Townsend, Robert (actyor/writer/director)
Traylor, Craig Lamar (actor)
Treach (Anthony Criss) (singer/actor)
Tristan, Erik Michael (actor)
True, Rachel (actress)
Tucker, Chris (comedian/actor)
Tucker, Kiara (actress)
Turman, Glynn (actor)
Turner, Tina (singer)
Tyler, Aisha (actress)
Tyrese (Tyrese Darnell Gibson) (singer/actor)
Tyson, Cicely (actress)


Uggums, Leslie (actress)
Underwood, Blair (actor)
Union, Gabrielle (actress)


Vance, Courtney (actor)
Vaughn, Terri J. (actress)
VelJohnson, Reginald (actor)
Vereen, Ben (actor)


Walker, Eamonn (actor)
Walker-Perlman, Jordan (director, editor, writer)
Warner, Malcolm Jamal (actor)
Warwick, Dionne (singer/actress)
Washington, Denzel (actor)
Washington, Isaiah (actor)
Washington, Kerry (actress)
Watson, Johnson Vernee (actress)
Watts, Rolanda (actress)
Wayons, Damon (actor)
Wayans, Keenan Ivory (actor/writer/director)
Wayans, Marlon (actor)
Wayans, Shawn (actor)
Webb, Veronica (actress)
Whitaker, Forest (actor/directorr)
White, Barry (musician/composer/actor)
White, Brian J. (actor)
White, Michael Jai (actor)
White, Steve (actor, director)
Whitfield, Charles Malik (actor)
Whitfield, Dondre (actor)
Whitfield, Lynn (actress)
Whitley, Kym E. (actress)
Wilkins, Steve (actor)
Williams, Billy Dee (actor)
Williams III, Clarence (actor)
Williams, Cynda (actress)
Williams, Dick Anthony (actor)
Williams, J.D. (actor)
Williams, Montel (broadcaster/actor)
Williams, Tonya Lee (actress)
Williams, Vanessa (actress)
Williams, L. Vanessa (singer/actress)
Williams, Windell (producer, director, writer)
Williamson, Fred (actor)
Williamson, Mykelti (actor)
Wilson, Flip (comedian/actor)
Wilson, Kristen (actress)
Winfrey, Oprah (broadcaster/actress/producer)
Winfield, Paul (actor)
Winston, Hattie (actress)
Witherspoon, John (actor)
Wonder, Stevie (Steveland Judkins Hardaway) (singer/actor/producer)
Wood, Harris (actor)
Woodard, Alfre (actress)
Woodbine, Bokeem (actor)
Wright, Billy (director)
Wright, Jeffrey (actor)
Wright, Michael J. (actor)
Wright, N'Bushe (actress)





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