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By Jon Rutledge

In seven months there will be one of Colorado’s best Horror festivals going on. Oct. 12-14 Telluride Colorado there are some of the best films in the horror genre being shown for the first time in Colorado and for some the first time in the States.  Alongside lots of great films there are ton of Shorts that range from animated horror to live action and everything in-between. If you are interested in going now is the time to look at their web page because three-day passes have gone on sale. 

What you get in your package is the free access to all features and short being shown in the festival on the three Theaters in town (The Nugget, The Palm and the Sheridan Opera House).  You also get access to some of the fun social events that happen.  Last year there was an ice cream social on the first day as well as a pig roast on day two. There was also a Killer Karaoke Party and if singing is not your thing you could test your horror film wits with other fans in the Horror Trivia hosted by Dread Central. ( the topper of this weekend event is the party at the Last Dollar Saloon. A place to compare the notes with people who may have seen something you didn’t. 

There have also been some special guest attending in the recent past were Henry Selick the director of a Nightmare before Christmas.  Actor John Carroll Lynch talking about his role in The Invitation.  Writer Joe R. Lansdale (Batman Animated series, Bubba Ho-Tep) and Jeremy Robert Johnson (Entropy in bloom) whom have read a creepy campfire story in the park next to the court house.   

The best part of the weekend are the people, you can have a conversation with people who are there for the love of horror films. The films are sometime hit or miss but there are lots of great conversations going on in line or at any of the events about films they loved and films the hated.  You can always find a great conversation waiting for three of the screens they show films at. 

Accommodations are great in town but there are options in nearby towns as the hotels in town fill up fast. There is a discount for Festival goers.  The restaurants in town are all top notch. I have not eaten at a bad one yet and this will be my fourth year going.

If you wanted to get a taste of some of the films that have been shown you can pull up your Netflix Queue and watch them.  Raw, Creep, Creep 2, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, The Windmill. On Amazon Prime member you can get access to Bone Tomahawk, Jungle. These have been at the Telluride Horror Festival. There are also films that you can’t get but should be looked up like The Endless, Cold Hell and 78/52.  

There is still time to get your passes and plan to get out there. You will not regret it. If you do go, reach out to me on Twitter @fat_samurai I’ll tweet what I am going to be seeing and what I thought.  Would love to talk with you there.

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