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Laurence Washington

If you didn’t think he had it in him, cable viewers have a chance to see the dramatic side of Jamie Foxx this Sunday April 11, when he stars as Crips co-founder Stanley "Tookie" Williams in FX’s original television movie, "Redemption."

Foxx brings an urgency to the true-to-life role as he transforms from Williams the gang leader, to children’s book writer, to Nobel Prize-nominated peace promoter.

Foxx is inspirational and brilliant as the San Quentin death row inmate convicted on four counts of murder. He meets Barbara Becnel (Lynn Whitfield), a self-righteous journalist who seeks his help in writing a book about the origins of the Crips.

At first Becnel is too judgmental about Williams’ gang life and the pair become almost adversaries. Whitfield says she can get what wants she needs from public records. However, she’s offering him a chance to tell his side of the story. Williams decides to trust Becnel and tells her he needs to stop the madness he helped create. He asks Becnel to put her book on hold and help him write a series of children’s books geared to steer children away from gangs and drugs. After knocking on several doors, Becnel finds a publisher who’ll take a chance on a convicted felon. The results is a Nobel peace nomination. The rub is, Williams is a death row inmate, and his appeals are all but exhausted. With a cameo by CCH Pounder as Winnie Mandela, "Redemption" is a brilliantly acted television movie.

Who knows, maybe an Emmy nomination for Foxx?

FX encore dates to see "Redemption:"
8 and 11 p.m. est April 15th
8 p.m. est. April 17th
5 p.m. est April 18th

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