Articles: Sony Pulls Upcoming "Panther" Movie starring Beyonce and Martin




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HOLLYWOOD — Taking a lesson from the "Honeymooners" which is getting early bad reviews, Sony Pictures has pulled the upcoming "Panther" movie starring Beyonce Knowles and Steve Martin scheduled for Aug. 5th. The whole hitch is Hollywood is remaking films based on old TV shows and films that have strong characters established by stars that own the roles.

Case in point: Cedric The Entertainer is a funny actor, but Jackie Gleason owns the role of the Honeymooners' Ralph Kramden. Period. And the reviews are echoing that fact.

In the case of "The Pink Panther," there's only one Peter Sellers, and Sellers owns the role of the bumbling Inspector Clouseau. Period.

Steve Martin is reported to be so "unfunny" as Clouseau, that Sony has scheduled the film to be released on Feb. 10, 2006 when Hollywood releases its dogs after the Christmas season and right before the summer blockbusters begin.

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