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Laurence Washington

After several successful films (Daddy’s Little Girls," "Diary of a Mad Black Woman,") actor/director Tyler Perry is moving his shtick to the small screen in a weekly half-hour series about a multi-generational family forced by circumstances to live under one roof in "Tyler Perry’s House of Payne."

"I drawing on the kind of family experiences, both good and bad, that most of us go through at some point in our lives, regardless of our individual backgrounds," say Perry who makes a guest appearance on the premiere show 9 p.m. (ET/PT) June 6, on TBS.
Perry admits that he thought about sitcoms such as "All in The Family," "Good Times" and "Roseanne which featured realistic families when he was creating his series, because those families had heart and made people laugh.

"And that’s what makes this show relatable to a wide audience and its humor so universal," Perry explains. The Paynes may not be perfect – no family is – but no matter what happens, there’s always a tangible bond holding them together as they face the world with love and endurance."

"House of Payne" is set in Atlanta where Curtis "Pops" Payne (LaVan Davis) would like to believe his home is his castle, until his college student son, his nephew and his family move in and turn Payne’s castle into Grand Central Station.

"My character is an old school type of cat," Davis explains. "He has definite views on life and doesn’t care about anyone else’s thoughts on situations. He knows what works for him and his family, and if you can’t get with it, then that’s your problem. Deep inside, he’s a caring person he just doesn’t want to be a sucker."

Perry says Davis’ cantankerous "Pops" is extremely funny. Davis had met Perry while doing his play "Madea Goes to Jail." Tyler remembered how great Davis was and asked him to join the "House of Payne cast and take the lead roll.

"It was wonderful working with Perry because he allows you to bring the best you have to the table, and gives you a platform to do your craft."

Davis adds Perry likes to play jokes on the set and laugh, in spite of the big responsibility he carries as creator, writer, director and executive producer.

Rounding off the cast are Lance Gross (Calvin Payne), Cassi Davis (Ella Payne), China Anne McClain (Jazmine Payne), Larramie "Doc" Shaw (Malik Payne) and Allen Payne (CJ Payne).

Perry says he hopes the audience will take away from the show the importance of family and the importance of the family unit.

"Of late, a lot of African-American sitcoms do not show the mother and father together," Perry says. This show functions as a lesson on how we love and care for each other, and it will set a good example for what the home should be."

If You Tune In
What: Tyler Perry’s House of Payne
When: Premieres 9 p.m. (ET/PT) June 6
Where: TBS Cable Channel
Rating: PG


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