Imaginary Movie

When Does the Movie Imaginary Come Out: Release Date and Details

Elijah Saunders

Imaginary is a new horror movie that fans of the genre are eagerly waiting for. The movie comes out on ...

Academy Awards - Oscar

76th Academy Awards Winners (2004): Celebrating Excellence in Film

Don Marley

The 76th Academy Awards celebrated the best in film from 2003. “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the ...

Is That Black Enough For You

Zendaya and Samuel L. Jackson Explore Black Cinema in ‘Is That Black Enough for You?!?’

Safiya Ellis

In the Netflix documentary “Is That Black Enough for You?!?”, viewers are in for a captivating exploration of Black Cinema. ...

The Hate U Give Movie

The Hate U Give Movie: Impactful Social Commentary and Brilliant Performances

Zuri Bennett

The Hate U Give is a powerful film that addresses crucial issues like police brutality and racial injustice. Directed by ...

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mathew Ahmann in a crowd of demonstrators at the March on Washington

Top Films to Watch on Martin Luther King Day

Safiya Ellis

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a time to reflect on the life and legacy of this iconic civil rights ...

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mathew Ahmann in a crowd of demonstrators at the March on Washington

Movies to Watch to Honor Martin Luther King Jr: Essential Films for Reflection

Don Marley

Exploring the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr. through film can be both educational and inspiring. Here are some key ...

A.J. Johnson

Who Is Adrienne Joi (A.J.) Johnson: A Look at Her Career and Achievements

Elijah Saunders

Adrienne-Joi Johnson, born on January 2, 1963, is best known as A.J. Johnson. She is a versatile American actress, choreographer, ...

person holding passports

What To Do if You Lose Your Passport on Vacation

Zuri Bennett

Losing your passport while on vacation can cause panic. Report the loss to U.S. authorities as soon as possible. There ...

Queen and Slim

Queen & Slim Review: A Powerful Exploration of Love and Social Injustice

Jalen Sekou

Queen & Slim is an emotional journey directed by Melina Matsoukas and written by Lena Waithe. This debut feature from ...

Angie Wells

A Look At Jazz Musician and “Harriet” Makeup Artist Angie Wells

Don Marley

Angie Wells is a well-known makeup artist who made a big impact in the film and television industry. She is ...