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Charlie Robinson

Mary Tyler Moore stars as Lettie Anderson, a woman who lives alone on a small-town farm with only her long-time farmhand Isaiah Griffin (Night Court’s Charlie Robinson) in TNT original film "Miss Lettie and Me."

Lettie's early life was one of sacrifice - she set aside her dreams to care for those she loved, only to be devastated when they left her. As a result, she has closed her life and her heart to new people and experiences.

But Lettie's quiet existence is disrupted when her smart and feisty nine-year-old grandniece, Travis (Holliston Coleman), arrives for an extended stay while her mother, who Lettie has been estranged from for years, goes to California to pursue a singing career. Not only is Travis' visit a surprise to Lettie, but Travis is as well. Lettie didn't even know she existed.

Embittered by her past, Lettie hardens her heart against Travis, leaving her to spend time helping Isaiah on the farm and amusing herself. Travis is disappointed; after all, she expected her great aunt to be, well, "great." But ultimately, Lettie's hard heart is no match for Travis, who, with the help of Lettie's long-lost love Samuel Madison (Reynolds), teaches Miss Lettie to open her heart and love again.

"Miss Lettie has been hurt a lot in her life," Robinson says. "Sometimes when you hurt so much, you close yourself off to anyone, including your family."

What Robinson felt was so wonderful about his character is that he is there for Miss Lettie through her pain.

"Isaiah finds a way to help her get through the pain and live again," Robinson says.

Mary Tyler Moore and Charlie Robinson

Robinson says he was attracted to his role of Isaiah because he’d worked with the film’s executive producer on "Last Dance."

"She a talented lady," Robinson says. "Then I read the script, and the script was so wonderful and this character was just so great. These kind of characters just don’t come up for actors like me."

Robinson says he felt that his character was kind of an angel.

"He’s such a good man and reminds me so much of my father who passed away a few tears ago — so loving and so caring for people."

Robinson took many of his father’s attributes and brought them to his character.

"The soul of what I tried to bring with Isaiah is how he felt toward people and his honesty," Robinson says. "He had a truth about him."

Robinson says there’s a lot of drama in Miss Lettie and Me. He believes that the drama is when Isaiah tells Miss Lettie she’s not the only one who has lost someone in their life and that she has to move on.

"She then starts to make a move in her life, and that’s also where we see the drama," Robinson says. "We see how important it was for him to make that statement to her."

Isaiah sees in Travis a connection to Miss Lettie’s family, Robinson explains. He falls for her as soon as he meets her.

"Their relationship becomes very whole and very warm," Robinson says. "I believe Travis hangs on because of Isaiah."

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