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Samantha Ofole-Prince

1. It’s executive produced by Spike Lee and directed by a talented NYU grad Josef Kubota Wladyka.

2. Colombia is one of the central locations of this visceral drama, which stars Cristian Advincula and Jarlin Martinez and follows a desperate fisherman and seasoned trafficker, who decide to traffic millions of dollars worth of cocaine up the Colombian Pacific coast.

3. It is not another movie that glamorizes cocaine and the drug trade; rather it’s a film that unveils the realities of exploitation of the children, impoverished fishermen, and families who are forced to be a part of this world.

"Manos Sucias" Director Josef Wladyka

4. It aptly delivers a dramatic experience of the vicious spiral of violence that draws kids into a life of crime, brutality and murder as the only avenue open to them.

 5. It’s an impressive film with sharp storytelling skills that centers in a region known for political unrest and organized crime.

"Manos Sucias" Cristian Advincula and Jarlin Martinez

6. It documents numerous accounts of daily confrontations with paramilitaries, guerrillas, and criminal drug traffickers as it follows the dangerous journey of trafficking drugs up the Pacific coast of Colombia.

7. The film blends superb location photography with a pacy editing style and the performances, many from non-pros, are terrific.

The Colombian production, “Manos Sucias,” was made possible by grants from the Spike Lee Fellowship Award, the Film Independent Producing Fellowship, the Film Independent Canon Filmmaker Award, the SFFS/KRF Grant, and a healthy Kickstarter backing.

The Spanish film with English subtitles opens in select theaters on April 10th

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