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George Kaplan

So what are taglines anyway? Taking their cue from cigarette, soft drink and beer commercials, taglines are reminders. They’re catchy and witty one-liners plastered across movie posters, as a studio’s marketing department’s effort to familiarize moviegoers with a film and make them really want to see it. Think of them as catch phrases, that if they were songs, studio suits would be more than glad to have audiences humming them as they exit the theater.

OK, so here’s the challenge. Since 2003 was another summer full of sequels, savvy marketing experts had inundated us all with catchy sequel taglines to their films. How many can you pick out from the original movies?

Here’s the score card:
a. You miss all five. You’re to be congratulated on having a life.

b. You get one or two right. You’re not too far gone, but you’re a candidate for geek of the week.

c. You get more than three right, seek professional help. You’re seriously becoming a geek.

d. You get all five correct. You’re either under 13, or a card-carrying geek. Write a trivia book and make millions.

1. Bad Boys:
a. Whatcha gonna do?
b. The Boyz Are Comin’
c. Double Trouble

2. Charlie’s Angels:
a. It’s the Biggest! It’s the Best!
b. Get Some Action!
c. These Angels are baaad!

3. The Fast and The Furious:
a. If loyalties must be broken, if the lines must be crossed, do it fast, do it furious.
b. Hang on for the most furious ride of your life
c. Get ready for a furious ride.

4. X-Men:
a. Strength. Courage. Honor. And loyalty.
b. Courage now, truth always
c. Join the Evolution

5. The Matrix:
a. The Truth is Out There
b. The Fight for the Future Begins
c. Fight the Future

1. (a.)
2. (b.)
3. (a.)
4. (c.)
5. (b.)

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