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Jar Jar Stinks

By Jeff Usry
Special to Blackflix.com


HOLLYWOOD--- He's been called the galaxy's Stepin Fetchit. And his constant goofball buffoonery is annoying more than just harden movie critics.
     Many fans are seeing just another black stereotype in the wise-crackin,' shufflin' Star Wars sidekick Jar Jar Binks, a flop-eared, eye-stalked amphibian from Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace.
     In case you haven't heard of Jar Jar Binks, you're one of the lucky few that actually have a life, according to movie critics. And you're excused from this article.
     Weeks before Phantom Menace opened, television's Entertainment Tonight prediced that Jar Jar would become an audience favorite.
     Instead, Jar Jar has become a favorite target for Barney haters and has inspired web sites such as "Jar Jar Must Die!," where web visiters are invited to list "10 Stupid Things That Jar Jar Did To Mess Up The Movie."
     The Caribbean accented Jar Jar, whose long ears look suspiciously dreadlocked, is the computer-animated product of the wizards at Industrial Light and Magic. Jar Jar's ebonic-laden speech "Yousa" and "Meesa" are dubbed by black actor Ahmed Best.
     Best told CNN that it's rediculous to think that Jar Jar is a racial stereotype.
     The Lucas camp, stunned by the racism charge, told the Associated Press, that Jar Jar is nothing more than a fantasy. And that any racial stereotype is absurd.
     Denver movie fan Pat Williams agreed that although Jar Jar was annoying, looking for stereotypes in this children's movie, runs along the same lines as believing one of the Teletubbies is gay.
     "People need to get a life," she said.
     With his tounge planted firmly in one cheek, one movie critic said that Jar Jar will probably make more sense when he's dubbed in Chinese.
     A shade less sympathetic, Los Angeles New Times columnist Rick Barrs wrote: maybe "Massa George" will kill off Jar Jar before Episode II.