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Laurence Washington

   The Fall season is when Hollywood brings out its Oscar hopefuls and Christmas blockbusters. So what’s on tap?
   Cuba Gooding Jr. takes the plunge, Will Smith says you gotta have swing, Tim Medows plays the game of love and Samuel L. Jackson asks, "Are you unbreakable?"

October’s Top Picks At A Glance
 Cuba Gooding Jr., runs into a wall of prejudice and Robert De Niro as the Navy’s first black deep sea diver in "Men of Honor." Damon Wayans gets "Bamboozled" by network suits into writing a modern-day minstrel show. Richard Gere plays a popular gynecologist romancing Helen Hunt in "Dr. T & The Women." Womanizing ad exec Ben Affleck falls in love with Gwyneth Paltrow, a widow of a man he gave his ill-fated plane ticket to, in "Bounce." Oscar-winner Kevin Spacey plays a teacher who gives his students a provocative homework assignment – make the world a better place –in "Pay It Forward." Robert De Niro plays a former CIA agent terrorizing his future son-in-law (Ben Stiller) in "Meet The Parents."
   Sly Stallone plays a leg-breaker (surprised?) on a mission of vengeance to wipe out every gangster in Seattle in "Get Carter." Brendan Fraser plays a geek looking for love in "Bedazzled," a remake of a 1967 film where a love struck shlub makes a deal with the devil sexy Elizabeth Hurley. SNL alum Tim Meadows brings his groovy, smooth-talking, woman-chasing character Leon Phelps to the big screen in "The Ladies Man."
   After viewing the original Blair Witch film, Erica Leerhsen and Jeff Donovan take the Blair Witch reality tour which turns out to be too real in "Book Of The Shadows: Blair Witch 2." Mark Wahlberg plays an ex-con battling his criminal family in "The Yards." Four soldiers of A-Company (Matt Davis, Clifton Collins, Jr., Thomas Guiry and Shea Whigham)contemplate their fate as they’re about to be shipped out to Vietnam in "Tigerland."

Best Bet: Spike Lee as always should make a good showing, and action fans are waiting for Stallone to kick butt like the old days, but it’s Oscar winners Cuba Gooding Jr., and Robert De Niro going full tilt against each other could be October’s box office champ.

November’s Top Picks At A Glance
 Samuel L. Jackson, who has an incurable bone disease, tries to find out why Bruce Willis walked away from a fatal train accident in "Unbreakable." Will Smith is a mysterious stranger giving Matt Damon advice on his golf swing and life in "The Legend of Bagger Vance." Rubber-face Jim Carrey steals Christmas from the villagers of Whoville in Tim Burton’s retelling of the Dr. Seuss classic, "The Grinch." Arnold Schwarzenegger discovers his clone doesn’t sleep alone in "The 6th Day," a Sci-Fi thriller with fan pleasing Schwarzen aspects. Comedian Bill Murray plays Bosley assistant to crime fighting bikini-clad Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu in "Charlie’s Angels," another in a long series of old television shows brought to the big screen.
   Villianess Glenn Close (Cruella De Vil to you) will be dawg gone if she going to let "102 Dalmatians" slip through her oily grasp. Rockerman Val Kilmer gets stranded on Mars in "Red Planet," a Sci-fi thriller about Earth’s overpopulation and the attempt to colonize Mars. Geoffery Rush plays the Marquis de Sade who writes incendiary and pornographic prose from a mental hospital in "Quills." Adam Sandler plays Satan’s good son battling his evil brothers on earth in the comedy "Little Nicky." Uma Thurman and Nick Nolte stars in "The Golden Bowl," the Merchant Ivory team’s latest adaptation of a Henry James novel. Angelina Jolie is Cuba coffee plantation owner Antonio Banderas’ mail-order-bride in "Original Sin." Two elite snipers Jude Law and Ed Harris are joined in a duel to change the course of history in "Enemy at The Gates."

Best Bet: Schwarzenegger could redeem himself after a poor showing in last year’s "End of Days." But look for "The Grinch" to steal Christmas box office receipts even though Will Smith might get an Oscar nomination.

December’s Top Picks At A Glance
 Former Bond, Sean Connery plays an eccentric writer and teacher who befriends a talented black youth (Robert Brown) in "Finding Forrester." Nicolas Cage is a "Family Man" who finds out what his life would have turned out had he married his college sweetheart.
   Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt star in the romantic comedy about a chauvinistic ad executive who after an accident can suddenly read women’s minds in "What Women Want." Two time Oscar-winner Tom Hanks pulls a Robinson Crusoe when his plane crashes on a deserted island in "Cast Away." Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones star in the pot-boiler drug thriller "Traffic."
   Kevin Costner plays former White House aid Kenny O’Donnell who helped President John F. Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert Kennedy avoid nuclear war during the Cuban Missile crisis in the political thriller "Thirteen Days." John Malkovich plays a headstrong director F.W. Murnau in this behind-the-scenes satire of the making of the 1922 silent film thriller Nosferatu in "Shadow Of The Vampire." Sandra Bullock plays a undercover F.B.I. agent poising as a beauty –pageant contestant in search of a bomber in "Miss Congeniality." William H. Macy plays a Hollywood director trying to film a big budget film in a small Vermont town in "State And Main." Retired homicide detective Sean Penn is obsessed with catching the murder of a little girl in "The Pledge." Russell Crowe falls in love with the wife of a kidnapped victim he’s trying to rescue in the action-thriller "Proof Of Life."
   Matt Damon and Henry Thomas get on their high horses and head for the boarder to seek adventure and find love in "All The Pretty Horses." Martial arts experts and lovers Chow-Yun-Fat and Michelle Yeoh are on the trail of a master criminal in mystical 19th-century China in "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Psychic Cate Blanchett solves the murder of a little girl in a small Southern town in "The Gift." Photographer Chris O’Donnell hires a team of mountain climbers to help him rescue his sister trapped on the K2 mountain in "Vertical Limit." Escaped chain gang convict George Clooney is after buried treasure with John Turturro and Tim Blake Nelson in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou." Juliette Binoche opens up a chocolate shop in a small French town with mysterious results in "Chocolat." Pierce Brosnan plays a British spy (sorry not James Bond) blackmailing a society tailor to get political information about Panama in "The Tailor of Panama."

Best Bet: The December box-office race is anybody’s guess. Although since two-time Oscar winner Tom Hanks is teaming up with again "Forrest Gump" director Robert Zemeckis could have the edge.

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