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Greetings everyone & welcome to April’s "Driven in 2K5! (2005)." Our purpose is still the same and so is our message. We are committed to giving you the best information to guide you towards the path of success. Usually, our focus is on screenwriters, producers, actors, directors, etc. but recently a talented, new author, with a delightful new book has caught our attention. This book is so scorching that even Chris Webber of the Philadelphia 76’ers wrote a review. Now that’s what I call a slam dunk! From time to time, I'll feature stories from those in the industry that want to share career advice and words of wisdom. If you are in the film industry and want to be recognized or give tips, by all means, contact me at:

Introducing: SHELLY HALIMA author of "AZUCOR MORENO" (Brown Sugar)

In the tradition of "The Dirty Girls Social Club" comes a hip, tell-it-like-it-is novel about a group of friends whose tangled interrelationships, explosive secrets, and sexual infidelities could possibly destroy their precious and close-knit bond. Featuring a main character whose as vulnerable as she is trash talking. "Azùcar Moreno" (Brown Sugar) tells an erotic fast-paced story of love, loyalty, sex and betrayal.

An aspiring film actress, Nikki Moreno is contemplating making the big move to L.A. but it won't be easy saying goodbye to her Detroit hometown, particularly her best friend Rosie, a "straight-up gangsta who looks like a Hispanic version of Cindy Crawford with an hourglass figure that actress/singer J.Lo would envy. Rosie is not only Nikki's closest gal pal; she's also her cousin who's beset by her own personal problems and inner demons; including, being widely attracted to pretty and proper Crystal, a friend of both Rosie and Nikki. Then there's Rhonda, whose gambling addicted boyfriend is in debt with the wrong people and it brings about deadly consequences. As if things couldn't possibly get more complicated, Nikki's ex suddenly reappears in her life. Faced with the possibility of renewed love, Nikki must now make what could be the most important decision of her life.

Laced with authentic lingo, humor and steamy love scenes, this taut, sexy tale of desire, deception, sisterhood, and sexuality among a multicultural group of friends is a welcome addition to the cutting-edge contemporary fiction scene

"’Azùcar Moreno’ drew me in with its sexy and contemporary narrative. It defies the idea of cultural segregation, and instead captures the essence of an ethnically diverse Detroit life. The twist and turns of all the relationships were a guilty pleasure. A good read."


Shelley Halima is a writer/lyricist/poet who was born in Charlotte, NC and raised in Detroit, MI. Her passion for books and music began in childhood. In 2001, she resolved to realize her dream of becoming a writer. She started by writing a few poems that she posted to on-line poetry groups. Encouraged by the positive response, she ended up writing upwards to 100 poems. A short time later she considered recording a poetry CD. When a producer looked over her work he was impressed and said they would make excellent material for songs. He suggested they form a partnership with him performing the music and her writing the songs to submit to singers. Shelley began transforming her work into song structure. Though the partnership with the producer stalled, she continued learning the craft of songwriting.

Shelley also began writing her first novel "Azucar Moreno" - a book that features a multicultural group of characters from various backgrounds. She completed "Azucar Moreno" in nine months. Six months after she began submitting to publishers, she was signed to Strebor Books International. Shelley has also written short stories, some of which are featured on her website. She recently completed the sequel to "Azucar Moreno" entitled "Los Morenos" and is laying the groundwork for her third novel.

In addition to continuing to write books, Shelley intends to expand her writing to screenplays. Her goal is to begin a production company that produces music and independent films. To read more or purchase a copy of Shelley’s latest book, visit her at

We at salute Shelley for her passion for writing, may everyone
in the arts continue to be, "Driven in 2005!"

Till next time.


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