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Marlena Martin

Everyone, this will be our last "Driven in 2004!" but on the bright side, 2005 is less than a month away. We'll be back with a new column and a new name. Our purpose is still the same and that's to give you the best information and resources that will help you on your journey towards success. December is not only the month for gifts and celebration but also a month for reflection, peace and revelation. Be proud of the many accomplishments you have achieved - you are worth it! In this business, don't be a cheerleader, be your own leader! If you are an independent filmmaker, director, producer, screenwriter, actor, etc. then this site is for you. From time to time, I'll feature stories from those in the industry that want to share career advice and words of wisdom. If you are in the film industry and want to be recognized or give tips, by all means, contact me at:

Zelie Dember-Slack
I would like to introduce my readers to a wonderfully talented: Writer/Director/Executive Producer/Filmmaker/Editor whose voice will definitely be heard in 2005. Zelie (Zay-lee) Dember-Slack, a transplant from New York, is having an incredible year! She wrote, directed and produced another short film called "Making The Rent" which became a Finalist in both the 2004 Pan African and Hollywood Black Film Festivals, in Los Angeles. "Making The Rent" is a ten-page excerpt from Slack's award winning screenplay, Dexter's Destiny, which took top honors at the 2003 HBFF Storyteller Competition. She also won an award at the 2003 Saddleback Film Festival with another short film, "I am the MAN!!!". Currently, Slack is editing her new documentary for the 2005 film festival circuit in addition to preparing to shoot her first feature film, The Sweetest Heir, in November 2004.

Also, to her credit, Slack became a 2002 Finalist in the Guy Hanks & Marvin Miller Screenwriting Competition and was invited to attend a fifteen-week intensive screenwriting program at USC, which was sponsored by Drs. Camille and Bill Cosby. As one of the 2002 Cosby Fellows, Slack had the opportunity to have ten minutes of her screenplay directed by Debbie Allen and showcased at the Writers' Guild of America West. The Showcase was sponsored by WGAW, ABC, CAA, Fox Entertainment Group, CBS, Final Draft, Hollywood Creative Directory, Screenplay Systems, Debbie Allen Dance Academy and BHERC. Slack also became a Semi-Finalist in the 2002 Hollywood Black Film Festival - Storyteller Competition with her script, The Sweetest Heir.

Slack is also an active member of both the Organization of Black Screenwriters (OBS) and the Independent Feature Project - West (IFP). Please feel free to safely download writing samples from


Finalist in the 2004 Hollywood Black Film Festival - Short Film - Making The Rent

Finalist in the 2004 Pan African Film Festival - Short Film - Making The Rent

Winner of the 2003 Hollywood Black Film Festival Storyteller Competition - Dexter's Destiny

Winner of the 2003 Saddleback Film Festival - Short Competition - "I am the MAN!!!"

Finalist in the 2002 Guy Hanks & Marvin Miller Screenwriting Competition - Feature Division - Sponsored by Drs. Camille & Bill Cosby

Semi-Finalist in the 2002 Hollywood Black Film Festival - Storytelling Competition -
The Sweetest Heir.
Go Zelie Dember-Zslack, do your thang in 2005!

On behalf of Marlena Martin and
Merry Xmas, Happy New Year... Love Always, Driven in 2004!


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