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Jeff Usry

Oscar-winner Halle Berry,33, sustained a minor eye injury April 9, on the set of the new James Bond thriller "Die Another Day" after debris from an explosive helicopter stunt lodged in Berry's left eye.

An accident involving explosives and a helicopter killed actor Vic Morrow and a child actor during the filming of the "Twilight Zone" in 1982.

MGM officials say Berry was rushed to a nearby hospital and underlined the fact that the incident was not traumatic and that Berry is already back on the set, and is as fine (as fine someone who just had shrapnel removed from her eye can be.)

Bond fans will recall last February, the film’s star Pierce Brosnan, 49, suffered a knee injury while doing a stunt that sidelined him for two weeks.

The film is due out November 22, 2002.


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