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It’s that time of year again National Autism Month. 

For the last seven years Myles and I walk with Autism Speaks, to help raise autism awareness.

This year is very special as Myles will be 25 years old on the 29th of this month!  
After hearing the words "your child has autism", my life hasn't been the same!  All I could think about was teaching Myles how to do the things the experts said he couldn't do. I recall hearing them say: "Don't expect too much from Myles". I thought how could they tell me what Myles was capable of when I didn't know! 

I never thought about what he may be like at 25!  What interest would he have, what would he do to earn a living, could he cook for himself, could he find his way home, etc.  Would he be able to function in the society?  Could he be independent, responsible, honest, loving and a trustworthy man?  I heard if you meet one autistic child, you've meet one autistic child.  If you know my son, you have one view on how he is functioning with autism.  I'm so proud of him and this is one of the reasons we walk!
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Call me with any questions  720-331-9010

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