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By Samantha Ofole-Prince

It’s the archetypal set-up: Man (Sean Faris) comes home to find his wife (Danielle Savre) screwing another man (Mehcad Brooks) in their marital bed. Add to that, it’s their one-year anniversary and he's armed with the obligatory chocolates and tulips. Tempers flare, secrets are revealed and biblical quotes are thrown around as the adulterous couple soon learn how far a jealous husband will go.

In this twisted psychological drama, writer/director and producer H.M. Coakley does a great job of building up his characters who are all individually flawed. We empathize with his wife Ashley (Savre) as we learn more about her childhood and understand Damien's (Brooks) predicament as it unfolds. No one has clean hands and this makes the adulterous characters somewhat sympathetic. The acting is solid all around, but its distinctive trump card is Sam (Faris) whose wonderfully frazzled portrait of seething resentment is ever so credible. There are brilliantly handled scenes of anger, embarrassment, humiliation, brutal physical and emotional confrontations.

Mehcad Brooks

“I am the judge, the jury and the executioner!" Sam explodes in one scene as he points two loaded pistols at his wife and lover giving it so much psychological verity.

It’s a basic story that makes a great template for an exercise in human psychology and relationships and Coakley layers on the dialogue with great relish between Mehcad Brooks who stars in the TV drama "Supergirl" and Sean Faris ("Pretty Little Liars"). He effectively sets up the characters in the first few scenes and although we instantly like Sam, we soon start to question his motive and intension. 

Sean Faris

The thrill, the tension, and how the betrayal unfolds are reasons to keep us engaged.

A mind twister of a film, “Adulterers” is taut and thoroughly engaging and raises the adage: what would you do if you caught your loved one cheating?

“Adulterers” releases on DVD and Digital Video on  Jan. 5th

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