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By Samantha Ofole-Prince

Boris Kodjoe has a respectable presence. Statuesque and serious, it’s the kind of presence you’d expect from someone like him. It’s one that suggests he’s all business and not someone to be teased or toyed with. He has to be especially if the model-turned-actor wants to get across the serious message of his latest film “Addicted,” which follows a couple struggling with infidelity.

“It’s a film that flips the script on infidelity and is told from a female perspective,” shares Kodjoe, best known for his roles in ‘Love & Basketball,’ the Showtime drama ‘Soul Food,’ and BET’s comedy series ‘The Real Husbands of Hollywood.’ “I was intrigued because it addresses topics that I think have been misunderstood and laughed at and ignored, especially in our community. It takes on taboos and hopefully will open up a dialogue and that’s why I wanted to get involved.”

In the Bille Woodruff (‘Honey’) directed film, which is based on the best-selling erotic novel of the same name by author Zane, Kodjoe plays Jason, a loving husband and father of two kids who discovers his wife Zoe (Sharon Leal) is a sex addict. Kodjoe says he turned to his mother, Ursula Kodjoe, a psychologist to better understand the disease.

“I knew it was real and serious compared to other addictions,” he admits, “and talked to my mother about it so I learned a lot from her. I love the fact that Zane’s novels keep encouraging women to cultivate their desires and to express themselves. Women should feel encouraged and empowered.”

Kodjoe has several risqué sexual scenes in the film, and if he’s bothered about the excessive nudity, the cool exterior doesn’t give a hint to it. “Nudity is never an issue,” he says. “I don’t mind nudity as long as it drives the story ahead and is not gratuitous and is tasteful.”

Still, the actor will admit it was a little awkward seeing the racy sexual scenes once the film was completed.

“It’s one thing to shoot it and another to see it and it was a bit awkward at first as my wife was next to me when we saw it, but in the context of the film, my scene with Sharon Leal was marital sex and is what marital sex should be like. I wanted to make sure that my relationship with her was flawless and we wanted to make sure everyone understood that.”

The film also stars Tasha Smith, Tyson Beckford, Emayatzy Corinealdi, Kat Graham, and William Levy and is currently out in theaters.

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